I’m creating a movement.

It’s a big one.

It will change your life.

And it’s based around just one word.

One word that we all strive for in every area of our lives.

We want it at work.

We want it in our relationships.

We want it in our ability to make choices.

We want it when it comes to our food choices.


And for me, this movement starts with food. More specifically it starts with finding freedom from the control that food and addictive substances like sugar have over our lives.

So, what exactly is sugar freedom and why do I keep talking about it?

Sugar Freedom is making it through the checkout at the grocery store without even noticing the candy selection.

Sugar Freedom is easily saying no if someone offers you a brownie because you genuinely don’t want it.

Sugar Freedom is feeling like you’re in complete control when you decide to indulge in sugar.

Sugar Freedom is choosing to eat sugar on occasion and enjoying every single bite without any guilt or negative self-talk.

It’s a way of life. It’s a way of being.

You may be wondering why finding sugar freedom or following a sugar-moderate lifestyle is different from any other fad diet you see plastered on magazine covers.

The big difference with getting through sugar addiction and being in a place of freedom and control is that you’re not limiting yourself. There’s no list of what to eat and what not to eat like with most restrictive diets. You can literally have whatever you want whenever you want. Sign me up! The exciting part is that after you’ve gone through the process and achieved freedom, what you want changes.

You no longer want ice cream.

Starbucks sugary drinks don’t taste good anymore.

Your body doesn’t crave those unhealthy and sugary foods in the way it used to.

Sugar also isn’t a required item in our diet. We don’t need sugar to live. Yes, we need complex carbohydrates which break down into sugar slowly but we definitely don’t need any of the sugar like most of us are consuming it – refined and stripped of all nutrients and fiber. Other fad diets tend to eliminate giant food groups thus making it impossible to stick with for the long run and possibly causing damage to your health. I mean look at what happened when we were all running away from fat… which our body needs to live!

So, no, this isn’t the next fad diet. At least not in my opinion.

Finding sugar freedom is about switching to the real food diet instead of continuing to get sick off the fake food diet that most of North America is on.

It’s a lifestyle change. It’s about changing your habits and taste buds for good.

So, will you join the movement?

The call to wake up, take our heads out of the sand and finally feel completely joyfully free when it comes to sugar and our food.

Let’s do this!

Love & Light,