It happened again!

The other day I had a client email me and tell me how surprised she was after our call and the fact that we spent the whole time talking about her self-identity, beliefs, and relationship with her mother as a child.

I can’t tell you how many times I have clients tell me that they are surprised that I don’t immediately ask them about food or talk about nutrition when we start to work together.

But wait?! What?! Aren’t you a sugar and nutrition coach?!

Yes I am.

But what I’ve uncovered for myself and through working with amazing women the last 5 years is the real honest 100% truth of the matter is this…

Our relationship with food has ZERO to do with food itself.

Our bad eating habits have ZERO to do with will power.

Our addictions to sugar have NOTHING to do with sugar itself.

If you’re like many women, you’ve spent a good part of your adult (and perhaps young) life focusing on what to eat, what not to eat, how to be healthy…. Essentially hitting your head against a wall year after year as you STILL can’t seem to get a handle on your eating.

Here’s the truth. The truth that many of us want to ignore. We don’t want to face it.

Our relationship with food is a DIRECT result of our relationship with ourselves.

Mic drop.

Our deep rooted beliefs about ourselves. Our sense of identity. Our values. Our emotional health. Our past traumas. Our coping mechanisms…

THESE are the areas we need to look to when we notice unhealthy behaviour and relationships in our life (not just around food by the way).

THIS is the deep work I’m always talking about. Getting to the foundation of really what’s going on to actually heal and discover lasting change and health.

Back in my sugar abuse days I wish I had someone to guide me through this deeper work so I could understand what was really going on.

Looking back now I can clearly see for me there was many things going on:

  • My complete misalignment with life – working a job that literally sucked my soul and left me depressed, anxious, stressed every day
  • My belief that in order to be worthy I had to work hard, make lots of money, and put on a brave face.
  • My belief that it wasn’t good to be emotional. That being sensitive was a bad thing and I should tough it up.
  • My false sense of identity based on the way I looked and the size of my body.
  • And my underlying traumas that shaped the way I saw the world and myself from a very young age (even the smallest things can be traumatic to a 6 year old. Someone yelling at you one time, a moment of losing control while riding your bike, a close encounter with the neighbours scary dog… )

That’s just the short list. And I’m sharing with you as an example of the things that can be uncovered when you begin the deeper work.

Looking past food itself.

To the SOURCE of the behaviours and relationship patterns.

The only way out is through.

You can spend your life trying to skirt around the truth for yourself. But you’ll never get through to the other side without going inward.

My hope is that this sparks something in you. A desire to start taking a look inward and understanding yourself and your patterns at a deeper level.

And if you’re ready to get started, I highly recommend taking a deeper look first at your emotional connection to food and health.

Which you can easily do right now by downloading a copy of my FREE 3 part video series all about emotional eating right here.

I created this video series back at the beginning of the year and honestly forgot about it until a few weeks ago!

Still powerful. Still relevant. The video series (complete with workbooks) will be your starting point to ask yourself these deeper questions. To start understanding yourself at a deeper level.

Let me know what you think when you’ve finished it!

Love & Light,