A controversial topic in today’s day and age… but one that I just HAVE to speak up about now more than ever.

The truth is I’ve been waiting months to write this.

I’ve struggled with the fear of what everyone will think. The fear of being judged. Wanting to keep the peace.

But I just can’t keep quiet anymore.

The mass germaphobia that our world is currently developing is RUINING our health and our immune systems.

Before you write me off as some crazy chick who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, just hear me out. THEN as with anything in life, make your own decision about what feels right to YOU.

Do your own research. Ask your own questions.

But please do not blindly follow what you hear in the news and media. Do not take what big industry says as truth. We can’t ignore the fact that there are many big industries that make HUGE money off of us being sick.

The matter of fact is that our immune systems begin in our GUT (We know this… we’ve heard “professionals and scientists” talk about this for years now…)

And more specifically the perfect balance of gut bacteria and microbiome that live there.

As children we literally develop our gut health and our immune systems by EXPOSING ourselves to bacteria and dirt.

Eating handfuls of dirt at the park (yum)

Touching dirty knobs and putting our hands in our mouths.

Eating off the floor.

Yes, kids are “sick” a lot. This is a completely normal development of immune health!

So, what’s happening now?

When we live in a world where doctors are handing out antibiotics like candy and we’re literally obsessed over sanitizing EVERYTHING…

We KILL our healthy balance of gut bacteria.

And therefore we KILL our immune systems.

We NEED to stay exposed to bacteria and germs in order to thrive as a healthy human.

When I learned this for myself back when I started my study of nutrition and health 5 years ago, I quickly resolved to never again take antibiotics or use antibacterial anything.

Since then I’ve kicked a parasite using garlic and diet changes, I’ve avoided many common colds and bugs even after hanging out with sick family members, and I’ve gotten through the worst flu I’ve ever had last year in one quick week by letting my immune system do its thing.

I’m not saying proper hygiene isn’t important.

Yes, washing your hands through the day is good (using normal water and soap)

Keeping a clean house is good (simple vinegar and water works great)

And yes there may be times here and there where a quick dab of hand sanitizer could prove helpful (like when you want to eat a sandwich with your hands after a long dirty flight or bus ride and you can’t find anywhere to wash your hands).

But it’s important to take a look at what’s going on right now in the world and think about what makes most sense to you for your long term health. Make your own educated decision. Do your own research.

My biggest fear in this current time is the permanent damage we’re doing to our health and our immune systems in the long run.

What will our microbiome look like in 10 years if we continue this way?

How many more diseases will spread and harm us when our immune systems are weakened and not working properly?

My hope if you’re still reading this is that you’re willing to think for yourself. To look into this more. And to discover a balance perhaps that feels better for you and your family that keeps you safe but also doesn’t do more damage.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting to the end of this and for being open to hearing this.

I’m hopeful that we can find a way through these times without doing more damage to our health.

If we’re willing to stay open and do a bit of our own research instead of following blindly.

Asking questions when things don’t seem to make sense.

And from this place of understanding, making our own educated decision that works best for our body and life.

Now… get out there and eat some dirt ;)


Love & Light,