Good Morning!

Rise and shine! It’s time to get up and start a new beautiful day.


I know you don’t need me to tell you that having a healthy morning routine can set the tone for your whole day ahead. Studies have proven time and time again how life changing a good morning routine can be. Having a routine allows your body to relax and to prepare your mind for a productive day.


Can you remember the last time you woke up late and had to scramble to rush out the door for work?


How did you feel that day?



Hmm… maybe not the best day?

It probably turned into one of those days. You know the ones where every time you touch a cup it spills, the fax machine jams, you stub your toe, and your kid gets sent to the principal’s office. Yup, one of those days.

No thank you!


Now, think of a time (perhaps a lazy Saturday morning) when you woke slowly, laid in bed for 10 minutes and then started your day with intention and joy.


How did that day feel?



I’m willing to bet big money on which of those two mornings turned into a great day and which one turned into “one of those days”.


A morning routine can be as simple as 5-10 minutes to get your day started off right. The most IMPORTANT thing to remember is that you can always continue to tweak or try new things until you have found what feels best to you.

In all honesty, I’m STILL experimenting to figure out my perfect morning routine. It’s a work in progress and that’s OK.


Not sure where to start or what to try to set yourself up for a great day?

Here are some suggestions that have proven very helpful.


Wake slowly and calmly.

This one is harder than it sounds. Do you still wake up to that obnoxious BEEP of your alarm? Do you have it timed perfectly so you can get up at the last possible minute and rush to get ready & out the door? Try choosing a new alarm sound- something soft and gentle, setting your alarm for 5-10 minutes earlier, and taking 3 deep breaths before jumping out of bed.


We can’t talk about mornings and not talk about poop. Something so important to our health & well being, yet rarely talked about! Your body has gone through a detox and cleansing during the night and before you put anything new in, you need to get those toxins out of your body.


Your body has used all of its water to cleanse and reset overnight. The first thing your body needs, before food, is fresh hydration. Drinking 1-2 cups of room temperature or hot water will refresh your system. Note: caffeine does NOT count as hydration.

Clean your mouth.

As you sleep, bacteria is multiplying inside your mouth. Most of us know how important it is to brush our teeth in the morning and this is because we want to clean out the bacteria and start the day off fresh. Other ways of cleaning include tongue scraping, oil pulling, or gargle baking soda.

Move & stretch your body.

For some, this may be 5 minutes of stretching or yoga. For others, this may be 30 minutes of blood pumping yoga or exercise. Some people thrive on getting their blood pumping first thing in the morning (plus your exercise for the day is complete!), while others need more of a slow start to the day. Find out what feels best to you and own it. It’s OK if you don’t jump out of bed and go for a 10 KM run. That’s not for everyone (me included)!

Set your intention for the day.

Taking a moment to close your eyes and think about how you are feeling and how you want to feel throughout your day is extremely powerful. This could be as simple as taking 30 seconds in bed before getting up to set an intention, journalling, or a meditation practice.

Have a gratitude practice.

Starting your day by remembering how blessed you are, will carry this feeling of gratitude and joy throughout your day. What things are you most grateful for? Take a minute to write them in your journal, say them out loud, text someone that you’re grateful for, or reflect on them as you put on your make-up. You are so lucky to have everything you do in this life.

Eat breakfast.

Oh yes, you’ve heard it before. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Your body has been fasting and cleansing all night, now it’s ready for some nourishment. Starting your day off right and getting your metabolism going depends on what you eat for breakfast. Balance is key here. Make sure to include healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into your morning meal. The more vegetables the better (your body loves vitamins and minerals!).

OK, so maybe you’re not a “breakfast person”, whatever that means. Try experimenting with smoothies, warm up last night’s dinner leftovers, or prepare something (ie. overnight oats) the night before so it’s ready to grab and go. Here are some ideas of foods to include in your breakfast for a nice balance:

~ Proteins (oat & grains, eggs, nuts & nut butter, beans)

~ Carbohydrates (oats & grains, seeds, nuts & nut butter, vegetables, fruit)

~ Fats (Avocado, nuts, coconut, olive oil, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp)


Imagine having all or some of these built into your mornings.


How amazing does that feel?



Here are a few other ideas that might work for you too. The possibilities are endless!

* Have a dance party to your favorite song

* Read or watch something uplifting (hint: you won’t find this on your TV!)

* Reflect on your goals & successes

* Plan your day and create your “to do” list


What’s my morning routine?


Now you’re probably wondering what my current morning routine is, right? Remember, I mentioned that I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me. This month I’m giving this routine a try and so far I’m loving it!

6:15 – 6:30 ~ Wake, eliminate, oil pull, & drink 2 cups of warm water

6:30 – 7:30 ~ Yoga, meditate, & strength workout

7:30 ~ Breakfast (avocado, eggs, toast, porridge, granola, fruit, smoothie)

8:00 ~ Start work


Nothing complicated or fancy here. I enjoy playing around with what feels the best for me.

Please take the time to listen to what works for you and don’t just follow my routine above. It’s a personal journey and we each need different things to feel amazing each and every day.



How will you set yourself up to be more productive and energized every morning?


Now, go and do it! Your new mornings start tomorrow!


Love & Happy Mornings,