How was your Christmas week? 

I hope it was filled with joy, magic, and laughs.

I’m sure it was also filled with indulgence, over-eating, and a lot of sugar and heavy foods.

Am I right?

Now is the PERFECT time to take a few days to rest your poor body and digestive system.

The video below outlines my step by step plan for the next 3 days to help you concentrate on slowing down and giving your body the break it needs.

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Don’t forget to take a moment today to PLAN for your next 3 days of reset & rest.

#1- Sleep
#2- Hydrate
#3- Sweat it out/exercise
#4- Eat small breakfasts
#5- No food after 7PM
#6- Eat light & small meals
#7- Avoid:
– Alcohol
– Caffeine
– Nicotine/drugs
– Sugar
– Heavy meats & dairy
– Processed foods
#8- Eat Daily:
– Warm lemon water
– Fresh ginger & garlic
– Algae & seaweed
– Apple cider vinegar
– Licorice root
– Fermented foods/probiotic
– Cruciferous vegetables
– Leafy greens
– Fiber (beans, vegetables, grains)
– Beats
– Avocados


Love & Reset,