Confession time.

I’ve been a bad coach.

Yup, you heard me right.

As you know, I’m always staying open to learning and growing as an individual, friend, partner, and coach.

And over this last year I faced a hard truth about how I was coaching my clients.




Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes my clients need to hear these things.

But the truth of the matter is, in order for me to be the best coach I can be… and to help my clients actually shift their mindset and discover new ways of being, I have to stop sugar coating the truth (pun intended).

So, this is my official announcement.

I’m stepping out of people pleasing and into seriously powerful coach mode. No more “beating around the bush”. It’s tough love time. (keep reading for an exciting announcement). 

A special thank you to all of my clients the last few months who have shown me my power when I do show up and push the boundaries.

You see, the truth is that NONE of us will ever grow, learn, and shift towards our dreams if we don’t have people in our lives who push us.

Who point out our inconsistencies.

Who challenge our beliefs and views.

Who reflect back to us things we aren’t seeing in ourselves.

I’m beyond grateful to have such powerful coaches in my own life who do this for me.

And without this tough love I wouldn’t be the person and coach I am today.

With that… I’ve decided to start something completely new and bold.

Introducing… Tough Love Tuesdays!

Starting this week (yesterday actually), I’ll be going LIVE in my Facebook Group – Simply Balanced Health every Tuesday to share a new powerful tough love truth with you all.

My intention is to bring new honest awareness to areas of your life and health that you may not have seen before.

My intention will be to stir the pot. Shock you. Offer a new way of thinking about your relationship with food, life, your body, and others. 

Are you ready to hear some truths?

Come watch yesterday’s replay HERE and be sure to mark your calendar for next Tuesday at 1 PM PST.

If you’re ready to open your mind, uncover the real reasons your stuck, and begin to shift your limiting beliefs… I hope you’ll join me there.

Much love to you for reading this and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and magical energy for being a part of my community here. 

Love & Light,