There’s been something I’ve wanted to share with you for over 3 weeks now… but I haven’t. I’ve held back because I needed time to get in the right headspace and form the words I wanted to share. 

And just last week I recorded a video over on my Facebook to share with you my thoughts and feelings around what is going on with this COVID craziness.

In this video I share exactly HOW and WHY I’m staying so calm through all of the fear, anxiety, and unknown that our world (and maybe you) is facing. 

And here’s the thing… what I share may shock you. It may even piss you off. It may make you angry. It may bump against your deeply held beliefs or view of the world.

And that’s why it took me so long to share. To get over my desire to people please and to step into my confidence and speak my truth. 

But here’s what I know, maybe it’s exactly what you need to hear. Maybe this is the permission you needed to speak your own truth, to lean into your beliefs, to know that it’s OK to actually be feeling OK when those around you are falling apart. 

So, let me be that light of hope for you (if you’re open and ready to receive my message). 

Letting go of control and leaning into trust and surrender have been my biggest internal work over the last 2 years and it’s done nothing but support my mental and physical health… now more than ever!

Come watch the video over on Facebook and post your thoughts in the comments. I welcome ALL opinions, beliefs, debate, and love that you have to share :) 

Here’s to coming out of this period of time stronger, more conscious of our lives, and more connected than ever :) 

Love & Light,