2017 is here!

A new year signifies a chance to start fresh.

It’s your chance to start over.

It’s your chance to try new things.

It’s your chance to start those projects you’ve been meaning to.

It’s your chance to take that trip you’ve always wanted to.

It’s your chance to become whoever you want to be.

It’s your chance to finally put your health first.

As you think about your resolutions and goals for the year that lies ahead, consider your health. More importantly, consider which of your habits may be lifting you up and which are dragging you down.

Set your goals, improve your health, and say “Hello” to these very healthy habits for 2017.


1. Take quiet time for yourself & set your intention for the day every morning.

2. Start your day off with a cup of warm water or herbal tea.

3. Eat your meals in a relaxed environment without distractions.

4. Learn to meal plan on a weekly basis.

5. Move and stretch your body first thing upon waking.

6. Get outside every day for at least 10 minutes.

7. Stand more. Sit less. 

8. Focus on moderation.

As you add more healthy and uplifting habits into your daily life, think about crowding out and saying “Goodbye” to those habits that are dragging you and your health down.

Troppo stress

1. Distracted eating. Turn off the TV, put your phone away, & focus on your nourishing meal.

2. Drinking coffee within the first 3 hours of waking. Start your day with water or herbal tea. Focus on hydration. 

3. Snacking when you aren’t hungry. Listen to your body. Often it’s your emotions triggering your craving and not actual hunger.

4. Skipping breakfast. The most important meal of the day as it helps awaken your body and prepare your metabolism and blood sugars for a stable and healthy day ahead. Not a breakfast person? Start small with a fruit, smoothie or piece of toast. 

5. Being attached to your phone 24/7. Turn it off from time to time. Leave it out of the bedroom at night. Look up and talk to strangers in public. Connect with the world around you before it’s too late.

6. Using food as a reward. A reward is meant to be nourishing and for your mind and body. Using unhealthy food as a reward is NOT nourishing. Choose rewards that include self-care (massage anyone?), experiences, and laughter with friends. 

7. Going to bed late. Odds are that your late hour is throwing off your digestive clock as well as increasing your odds of late night snacking on bad foods.

8. Listening to others instead of yourself. Your body knows what it needs. No one else can tell you what will be best for you. Tune out all the opinions and tune into yourself and your inner wisdom. 

Of course, some of these may be more difficult for you than others. It’s all about getting started and going slow.

Choose one healthy habit to add this month.

Choose one unhealthy habit to kick to the curb. 

Start small.

Build success.

Take back control of your health in 2017.

Love & Healthy Habits,