In honour of my new weekly segment “Tough Love Tuesdays”, I’m popping in your inbox today with yet another truth bomb. (did you miss the live video yesterday over in my Facebook Group? Catch the replay HERE.

Are you ready for this?

NO ONE is responsible for how you feel except yourself. 

Mic drop.

If you’re like many (and myself back in the day), you’re going through life thinking it’s someone else’s fault.

She made me angry.

My boss is ruining my life.

I can’t believe he said that to me, I’m so sad.

Sound familiar?

This is the perfect example of playing victim. Believing that the world is against us and that if only that person or situation would change, then we would be happy or reach our goals.

I’m calling you out on this right now. 

Your emotions are YOUR choice. 

Yup, that’s right.

This is the next level when it comes to taking full personal responsibility for your life and your actions.

Day in and day out we give our power away in the form of how we feel.

We blame others for our own internal turmoil.

When the truth is that in any given moment we can choose how we feel.

Ok right now that may seem like the wildest and hardest thing in the world, but trust me, it’s more than possible.

The moment you realize your emotional response and your actions are YOUR choice, you take your power back.

And when you take your power back in this way you become more aware of those situations and people that trigger you…and you learn how to let it go.

I’m not saying that those tough emotions – the anger, sadness, frustration – won’t continue to come up. They sure will. That’s part of being human. 

But you’ll be able to recognize it immediately, take full ownership, then DECIDE to move into a feeling of gratitude, compassion, or understanding instead.

THIS is true emotional freedom. Taking full emotional responsibility.

And a mandatory step on the path to fully owning who you are and the role your mind is playing in the challenges in your life.

So, it’s your choice.

Will you continue to play the victim in life?

Or will you realize that you are powerful beyond words and take full responsibility for how you choose to act and feel every day?


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Love & Light,