Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day has quickly become one of the many holidays that is all about candy, chocolates, and spending crazy amounts of money.

The truth is…

Sugar and money shouldn’t be how you show love.

Real love is…

Time spent together, connection, and expressing your love in real and healthy ways.

Full disclosure: I don’t celebrate valentine’s day.

Before you start thinking I’m a heartless love-hater, hear me out. I believe that love should be expressed and shown when you feel it, daily, weekly, and monthly. Not just on one single day. I’m also not a big fan of how this day has been taken over by the pressure to spend money and indulge in sugar as a way of showing love. 

So, yes I celebrate love and I give love on a daily basis to those around me.

I do it by scheduling a date night every week with my husband where we try something new together and leave our phones at home. I do it by telling those around me that I love them as often as I can.

But… I realize that you may be excited and ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own way too.

So, today I wanted to share with you some ideas that will help you to express love in a real and healthy way (without the sugar crash, weight gain, and sack loads of cash).

Gift Ideas:

• Do your loved one’s chores for the day or week

• Make a jar of date night ideas

• Create a photo album/scrapbook of your time together

• Leave sticky notes around the house of why you love them

• Cook him/her dinner

• Make coupons they can use in the future (massage, cook dinner…)

• Write a love letter and send it in the mail

• Spa day/treatment

• Flowers

• Pre-purchase an experience you can both enjoy together

• New book

Ways to celebrate:

• Indoor picnic

• Build a fort or pitch a tent and sleep in it – my personal favorite!

• Light way too many candles

• Go rock climbing

• Go out for breakfast

• Go on a coffee date

• Play games together

• Put on your favorite music and dance

• Take a dance lesson

• Watch a sunset or sunrise

• Spa day – either at home or at a spa

• Massage each other

• Look at old photos and memories of your time together

• Go on a hike or long walk hand in hand

• Make a “why I love you” list and then share it

• Cook dinner together – try a new fun recipe

• Take a cooking class

• Go dancing or dance at home

• Recreate your first date

• Say “I love you” and actually look into each other’s eyes

• Take a long candlelit bath together

• Do a photoshoot

• Have sex outside of the bedroom

• Turn off technology while you’re together

This is how you should show love.

Real emotion. Real dedication. Real quality time together with those you love.

I hope this list inspires you and that you’ll try something new this Valentine’s Day.

Put down the chocolate. Enjoy the benefits of feeling more connected, nourished, relaxed, and loved 🙂

Love & Sugar Freedom,


P.S. If you aren’t quite ready to have Valentine’s day without chocolate, you can dramatically decrease the amount of sugar if you choose dark chocolate or learn to make your own at home. Making chocolate dipped strawberries can be fun to do together! Want to learn how easy it is to make chocolate at home?

Come on over HERE and get your copy of my Break Free From Sugar E-Cookbook that is loaded with over 35 delicious and sugar-free recipes. Check out the deserts section for ideas this Valentine’s and try your hand at making easy chocolate at home!