Hey there!

Have you noticed yet?

Have you caught yourself outside without a scarf and noticed you weren’t even shivering?

Have you been coming home from work while it’s still light out?

It’s happening!

Spring is here and everything around us is beginning to change and grow into something new. This time of year is a chance to start fresh and to climb out of whatever funk you were in during the long cold winter months.

The cherry blossoms have come and gone, the trees are sprouting new growth, flowers are opening up to the sun, and we are feeling driven to spend more time outside of our houses as the days get longer.

As you notice the weather transitioning, so must the way you eat. 


Along with these changes in the Earth, is a change in your digestive fire and energy. A transition is taking place from craving warm, healing foods that will keep us warm and insulated during the cold months to more light and cold meals that will keep us cool in the heat.

To help with this transition, here some tips to guide you:

  1. Get outside more, as much as you can. Enjoy the sunlight and fresh air.
  2. Focus on more raw, light, and cooling foods such as raw vegetables, fresh fruit, cold tea, whole grains, salads, and lean meats.
  3. Shift away from heavy, cooked and hot foods such as soups, stews, chilis, hot spices, hot tea, heavy red meats, and dairy.
  4. Get up earlier. The shift in daylight hours will prompt your energy and needs for sleep to change. Now is the perfect time to set the clock 30 minutes earlier and add some much needed time to your day.
  5. Hydrate. Continue to hydrate even more as the temperatures rise over the next few months. Your body’s needs for water will increase and it’s important to find a way to incorporate enough hydration into your day. *Hint: try adding frozen berries to your water for a splash of colour and flavour

Respecting this transition and gradually changing your lifestyle and diet will keep you strong and healthy during the shift in seasons.


Need some inspiration or ideas?


I’ve got you covered!

Here is a sample menu and recipes:


Breakfast- Sugar-Free Muesli with Berries & Kefir

Lunch- Kale, Arugula & Quinoa Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Dinner- Asian Rice Wraps with Peanut Sauce

Something special- Sugar- Free Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream


Happy cooking!



Love & Energy,