Are you as excited for Spring as I am?!

The weather is warming up.

Flowers are popping out of the ground.

The planet is shifting and I can feel it.

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

Now, you may have noticed there was no email from me last week in your inbox. No, I didn’t forget about you. I promise.

These last few weeks have been energetically and emotionally challenging for me. I’ve been taking more space for myself to process and go inward. To practice what I preach in navigating a healthy relationship with my emotions. And last week, I needed time to do some deeper work.

I promise, I plan to share some of what I’ve been processing and learning with you very soon. When I’m ready. As for now, just know that you are not alone if you too are feeling a bit out of sorts. I’m right there with you.

So, before I dive into what I wanted to share with you today, I want to say thank you for understanding and giving me the gift of space last week.

I’m excited to be back in your inbox today!

And with a topic that I’ve been having a lot of conversations around lately.

Seasonal eating!

(Want to watch me explain this while in my garden instead of reading? Come check out my recent short Facebook Video HERE

Did you know that your digestive system and the fire that burns in your stomach also flows with the seasons?

Have you ever noticed a tendency in yourself to avoid cold food and beverages in the winter and to crave them in the summer?

This is no coincidence!

During the colder months of the year, your digestive fire is burning low. This is why our body needs more warming and cooked foods to be able to digest.

In the warmer months, our internal fires (just like the outside world) begin to fire up and support the digestion of more raw and cooling foods.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Well, it also could have implications on ANY digestive upset/symptoms you’re feeling at the moment.

If you’ve been continuing to drink cold smoothies for breakfast and eat cold salads for lunch all through the winter… you very well may be noticing some discomfort and issues with your digestive system as your body struggles to digest all of these cool raw foods.

If this is the case for you, try including more cooked warm foods daily and pay attention if the symptoms subside.

Then, as the next few weeks warm our world and our stomachs, test out adding more raw cooling foods bit by bit. 

Want some inspiration and delicious recipes for Spring? Come grab your copy of the Break Free From Sugar E-Cookbook HERE and get ready to fall in love with food again!  

A final note as we shift into Spring in the next few weeks…

This is the time to pay close attention to supporting your immune system. As the seasons change our body goes through energetic shifts that often leave our immune system at risk.

So, let this be your reminder this month to amp up your immune system support (NO not with drugs or pills!) and do what you can to look after you: Take plenty of time to rest, reduce stress, eat lots of raw garlic and leafy greens, hydrate, get ample sleep, and avoid those toxic indulgences like sugar, coffee, processed foods, and alcohol as much as you can.

Here’s to a healthy and happy shift into Spring 🙂 

Love & Light,