Happy Wednesday!

I can’t thank you enough for your support and interest in my recent adventures of moving and renovations. I hope you’re having fun following along the adventure over on my IG stories (@danielledaem).

UPDATE – we’re ALMOST ready to move into our new temporary home. Floors are in. Walls are painted. Clean up is almost done and we’re able to move in hopefully this weekend (although we may be doing dishes out of the bathtub for a few days until the IKEA kitchen arrives! lol).

We’re excited to learn new skills (like ordering and building an IKEA kitchen!) and have a wonderful roof over our heads while we officially search for our first home to buy! A stepping stone in a very exciting direction.

I’ll be honest, last week was intense.

We spent 3 FULL 9 hour days painting then a full day packing up our house and a big day moving all of our belongings with just the two of us and our strong muscles 😉

And I can’t tell you how many people we talked to that told us “oh I’m so sorry moving is so stressful”… or “Oh boy that’s going to be exhausting all by yourselves”.

How interesting….

Just last week I’ve been noticing a very common theme and conversation with all the members of my Break Free From Sugar Program. This same conversation that comes up when I talked about moving.

We have the power to CHOOSE how we see ANY situation.

Good or bad.

We have the choice of how we want it to be.

And as we listened to everyone’s beliefs about moving… I found myself very consciously choosing a different story.

Asking myself instead “how do I WANT moving week to feel and be?”

The answer?

Fun, relaxing, and light!

And guess what happened when I started telling myself these new beliefs about moving?

The whole week actually ended up being a blast! Ben and I had way too many laughs (partially due to being high on paint fumes) and consciously chose to go slow.

We were grateful for the chance to use new muscles we didn’t know we even had. Such a great workout!

We chose to see the GOOD in this huge next step towards an exciting dream of owning our own home and living in a new area.

Your mind creates your reality.

Just look around you. You can find countless examples of two people in the exact situation and one person loving every minute while the other is miserable and stressed.

It’s up to you.

To tell yourself a different story.

So next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or like you just can’t do something (going sugar free for example), ask yourself..

“How do I WANT to feel in this situation?”

“What type of experience do I WANT to create?”

Then choose that story instead. Just watch what unfolds when you do 🙂


P.s. want to dive deeper into your limiting beliefs and learn how to redesign the stories you’re telling yourself on a daily basis? I’m opening up a few more spaces for free consultations in my calendar this month and would love to connect with you! Come on over HERE and book a time that works for you.

Love & Light,