Have you ever found yourself getting caught up in the mental rabbit hole of trying to figure out how you’re going to reach a goal before even setting it?

Before actually committing to going after something…

Well.. turns out we have it all wrong because the truth of the matter is…

You do NOT need to know HOW you’re going to reach a goal. The only thing that matters is knowing WHAT you want.

Hear me out.

The universe works in magical ways.

When we get clear on what we want in life the universe guides us towards it. A new house. A tropical vacation. A nourishing and loving relationship. Control over your relationship with sugar…

Whatever your goals or wishes are, be clear. ASK for what you want.

And forget about the HOW you’re going to get there.

Now here’s the kicker.

The universe will only help us out and guide us if that thing that we want is aligned with the good of all.

So going out there wishing for pain or hurt for someone else is never going to work (not that you’d be doing this of course!).

I’ve seen this work in my own life. With my business goals.

And I’m practicing it right now.

I’ve set a HUGE goal for myself in 2019. And you’re the first to hear about it…

I’m a bit scared to put this out in the universe. To say this out loud.

But I know this is the only way that I will get there. By sharing it and letting everyone and the universe know that it’s my intention.

In 2019 I’m going to become a professional speaker!

And for me this year I’ve set the intention to book 4 talks to audiences of over 100 people.

I had almost no idea how I was going to make this happen when I set the goal in January.

And that’s OK.

I trust that it will unfold as I continue to see opportunities and put my intention out there.

And in just 3 months since setting this goal for myself, I’ve already booked 2 of those talks!!!!

THIS is proof and power of intention.

Of the simple fact that the only thing we need to focus on is the destination. The how will figure itself out along the way.

So, WHAT do you want for yourself in 2019 or beyond? (POST BELOW)

Bonus tip: Once your clear on what you want, TELL people. TELL the universe. Write it down. Shout it out. Get it out there so that the universe and those around you can help you get there…. just as I’m doing right now :)


Love & Light,


P.s. Asking for help is another big step in reaching your goals. So, with that, I’m asking you to help me build experience and perfect my speaking skills.

Know someone who would benefit from having me come in and talk? Please pass my information along and connect us!

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