Ready to feel full of energy & confident in your skin again?

Ready to detox from sugar and get back in control of your cravings?

Not only CAN you have all of this, but you DESERVE it!

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance & someone to help you cut through the piles of information. Someone to keep you accountable and motivated every step of the way.

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, I will help you reshape your relationship with sugar, build new habits, and find healthy and sustainable ways to look after yourself every day. 

Not sure where to start? I’m here to help you at ANY stage of your journey and ANY budget!

By working with me, you’ll discover how easy being healthy can be and you’ll learn to tune back into your body’s inner wisdom and guidance.

Most of my clients experience:

* Increased energy all day long

* More positive self-talk & less guilt

* Control over their relationship with sugar and cravings

* More steady and happy moods

* More vitality & weight loss



How to Work With Me

Break Free From Sugar Program

Are you ready to say goodbye to sugar cravings, afternoon energy crashes, and the guilt and shame around food?
Or maybe you’re ready to learn how to trust your body again, feel confident in your skin, and put an end to the fight with food?
Well… you’re in the right place!

Emotional Empowerment Program

OUR life-changing trainings that will help you heal your relationship with sugar from the inside out (for good!)                           

Sugar Freedom Collective

Our community is a safe and supportive space for women just like you to come together support one another on the bumpy road to sugar freedom! Being supported in a community is VITAL for our lasting success. And that’s exactly what the Sugar Freedom Collective is all about!

In-Person Events

Sugar Freedom Embodiment Retreat

A retreat for women who are ready to do the deep healing necessary to break free from addictive patterns with food while learning to slow down, rest, and nourish body and soul.

Dani has a very kind and non-judgemental approach and is very experienced and knowledgeable in coaching through emotional issues. I am beginning to feel my feelings and not trying to avoid them, being kind to myself instead of continually criticising everything I do. I have spent years self-sabotaging myself so it is going to take a while, but I feel I am now moving in the right direction thanks to Dani and the very supportive Facebook group. 


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