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Ready to feel full of energy & confident in your skin again?

Ready to detox from sugar and get back in control of your cravings?

Not only CAN you have all of this, but you DESERVE it!

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance & someone to help you cut through the piles of information. Someone to keep you accountable and motivated every step of the way.

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, I will help you reshape your relationship with sugar, build new habits, and find healthy and sustainable ways to look after yourself every day. 

Not sure where to start? I’m here to help you at ANY stage of your journey and ANY budget!

Ready to make BIG lasing shifts – Private Coaching is for you.

Want to get your toes wet and try it on your own first – The Sugar Freedom Collective is for you.

Want to detox from sugar with other women by your side – The Break Free From Sugar Group Program is for you.

I knew I had a sugar addiction and needed some serious help. I was at my lowest point by this time and was desperate for some help from a real person. I came across Dani online and was so thankful I did. I consider myself a chocoholic and I couldn’t believe myself when I stopped craving chocolate or sweets.

My health is important to me and knowing how closely my kids are watching me, tells me they will follow in my footsteps too. How happy and healthy I feel is the best goal yet. I’ve been on both sides and now know which side I prefer. Thanks to Dani, my house has become a sugar free zone!!! Who would have ever thought this day would come:) Thanks so much for everything Dani 🙂

Debra C.

By working with me, you’ll discover how easy being healthy can be and you’ll learn to tune back into your body’s inner wisdom and guidance.

Most of my clients experience:

* Increased energy all day long

* More positive self-talk & less guilt

* Control over their relationship with sugar and cravings

* More steady and happy moods

* More vitality & weight loss


Packages & Pricing

Let’s meet.

Whenever you want. Wherever you want. 

No need to get dressed up, organize childcare, find parking, or sit awkwardly in a stuffy office. I work in a different type of office…some people call it the internet.

It’s a wonderful place where we can connect without the hassle of leaving your home or being in the same city. So pull up your favourite chair, lock the kids in their rooms, & let’s get started!

I’m ready if you are!

Hopped on the scale this morning and I am lighter than I have been for 20 years or so. I am down almost 25 pounds, over six months of dramatically less sugar. I feel great and enjoy having more energy, fewer mad cravings, and more stamina for hiking, swimming, and gardening. Best, I have not dieted or made any great sacrifices. No shame, no blame!

I started on my own, but quickly signed up with Dani for one-on-one support, which I believe made all the difference. We email and talk on the phone regularly for goal setting and check-ins about both food and exercise. Having Dani on my side has been a great help. Dani was unfazed by my needing to be more independent and her cheerful commitment was invaluable throughout my slow but steady journey. Thank you!

Maryhelen V.

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