I know it’s a crazy bold statement.

Sugar addiction is the WORST addiction. 

Full disclosure, I’ve never been addicted to other substances… but I know enough to wholeheartedly believe that sugar is the most difficult substance and addiction to overcome.

And here’s why… 

*It’s connected to ALL of our emotions* 

Thoughts about sugar and cravings for sugar are linked to every single one of our emotions. From childhood, we’re raised to make these connections. 


This becomes especially tricky when we live in a world where we aren’t taught how to sit with and feel our “negative” emotions. We become trapped in an emotional eating loop. Feeling stressed? QUICK, how do I feel better? SUGAR!!!

On top of all of this, it’s the #1 way we’re all taught to “treat” ourselves. Did well on your spelling test? Let’s go for ice cream. Ate all of your dinner? Good girl, here’s a cookie. Got a promotion at work? Congratulations, let’s go out for drinks and cake!

*It’s engrained in every social situation* 

This is where sugar addiction becomes the most difficult to kick. Imagine going to a friend’s house and saying no thank you when they offer you some cookies that they made especially for you. Imagine celebrating a co-worker or friend’s birthday and being the only one to say no to a piece of cake. Imagine telling your mom that you no longer want her to bake fresh goodies for you whenever you visit. 

It’s ALL of these situations and more that make sugar addiction so darn hard. These social ties and people pleasing needs that we all struggle with.

We don’t want to be left out. We don’t want to miss out on the “fun”. We don’t want to look “weird”. The social pressures are HUGE!

What do you mean you aren’t handing out Halloween candy this year?!!! You must be a bad person. 

*We end up hurting people’s feelings*

Imagine going to a friend’s house for dinner and politely declining a drink when they offer it to you. “No thank you, I’m taking a break from drinking right now”. Your friend would probably respect your choice and immediately offer you something else to drink. 

Now, what would happen if that drink was actually some fresh made pie or cake? That host would be offended if you didn’t try a piece of this delicacy they have slaved over all afternoon just for you. They may not understand your choice to avoid sugar. What do you mean you don’t eat sugar? Just try a little… it won’t hurt?

Now you’ve risked hurting your hosts’ feelings in an attempt to stay on track with your personal health goals. NO other substance has this type of pressure behind it. Not to mention the high odds of your friend or family member now feeling like you’ve judged their food choices by stating the decisions that you’ve made to change. It gets really complicated.

So you just give in and have the pie.

*It’s cheap and easily accessible*

If wine was $1 a bottle and I could buy it at the check out of every grocery store… you better believe I’d be an alcoholic! We all would be. 

Over the past 50 years, the price of sugar has dropped dramatically. This ease of access makes it impossible to stay away from. AND it means that manufacturers are in heaven as they load sugar into all of their products at a low price AND get us to keep coming back for more. 

Did you know that over 80% of the food in our grocery stores has ADDED sugar? 

WHY oh WHY must they add sugar to soup stock, canned tomatoes, and salad dressing? 

These are just a few of the huge reasons why I believe sugar addiction is the hardest addiction to overcome.

And it’s for these exact reasons that I created the Sugar Freedom Collective. 

When we come together and support each other on this journey, there’s no stopping us. 

We can easily traverse these uncomfortable emotional and social situations.

We learn how to politely decline without hurting anyone’s feelings.

We learn to set our boundaries and finally put our self-care and nourishment at the top of our priority list. 

We build healthy habits that serve us and our goals instead of dragging us down. 

There’s no better feeling in the world than empowering YOU to take back control of your health and find true freedom when it comes to food and sugar in your life.

So, if you’re ready to finally feel this free, now is your chance.

Check out the amazing community over at the Sugar Freedom Collective and get your name on the VIP registration list to be the first to know when registration opens next!

Sugar doesn’t have to control you anymore. 

Love & Light,