A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts around why NOW is the perfect and best time to build a healthy relationship with sugar.

I’ve realized since that last post that there’s even more to the conversation. If by chance you missed that email or are just joining my community in the last few weeks, hear me out. 

We’re well into May now and this virus/quarantine doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for some time still.

And I think this is a GIFT!

We’ve been gifted the perfect time to heal our relationship with sugar. This environment will never exist again in our lifetime.

  • Less temptation. No office parties or birthday parties with temptation at every turn making you want to indulge in sugar. 
  • A new schedule/routine. As hard as this has been for so many, it’s such a gift. A chance to get clear on what your new routine will look like and build in some healthy habits.
  • More time. Most of us have a bit more time now that we aren’t spending as much time out of the house. This means more time to learn, journal, and cook new meals.
  • Increased motivation and awareness around how important it is to look after your body and health. Seeing those who are suffering the most with this virus as being those who are already sick or suffering with a disease has helped a lot of people wake up to the fact that that doesn’t have to be their future and that they CAN drastically change their health and support their immune system through the power of food and lifestyle. The truth of how scary being unhealthy can be is right in our face these days and can be a powerful and great motivator!

Are you convinced yet?

It’s like the perfect storm for getting off sugar. And it’s a huge opportunity.

For those who are ready to step up and use this time for the better.

For those ready to focus on what really matters and make change that lasts.

Is that you? 

So now you may be wondering…

“WHERE do I start if I want to get off sugar?”

Awareness is always the first step. Awareness of how harmful sugar is for you. Awareness of how much you’re actually eating. Awareness of where sugar is hiding at the grocery store. Awareness of your triggers and current relationship with sugar.

And today I want to share some of my favourite free resources with you:

  1. Sugar Free Snack List 
  2. Emotional Health Guidebook 
  3. 3 Biggest Mistakes When Quitting Sugar 
  4. Why Sugar Addiction is the Worst Addiction? 
  5. What is sugar and where is it hiding? 

Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the resources and tools I have and use with my clients. And awareness is just the first of many steps and phases of building a healthy (and lasting) relationship with sugar.

If you resonated with what I mentioned above about this being the best time to build a healthy relationship with sugar/food, then I’ve got something really excited to share with you…

As I mentioned in last week’s email, I’m beyond excited to be hosting my 5th and most transformational round of the Break Free From Sugar Group Program – a 9-week journey to heal your relationship with sugar and find true sugar freedom in your life. 

If you’d like to learn more about the program and are feeling ready to finally kick sugar cravings in the butt, then send me an email at danielledaem@gmail.com and let’s set up a time to chat BEFORE May 20th.

There’s limited spots available for this intimate and transformational program, so don’t wait to reach out! We’ll be kicking things off the first week of June just in time to get our mind, body, and energy back for summer fun!

I can’t wait to connect soon.

Love & Light,