I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.

And no it’s not just because of big companies pushing us to buy candy and chocolate to show our love to another (although that is one of the big reasons).

I’ve never felt right being forced to share and spread love on one arbitrary day in this way. 

Love is something to be shared and celebrated EVERY DAY.

So why all the hype over one day? Just so corporations can make big $$$ on your “need” to buy gifts and chocolate?

The excitement and hype on Valentine’s only reminds me of how skewed our beliefs about love have become… 

“I have to buy candy and gifts to show my love to someone”

“If he doesn’t plan something special it means he doesn’t love me”

“I hope someone will show that they love me today”

So much of what we see and hear in our society perpetuates our need to go outside of ourselves for validation and love.

Which then leads us to reach for sugar or other foods to give us that hit of happiness/love that we crave so much…

But you know what? (And this is a lesson that I’ve only just realized myself in the last few years…)


You can’t be in a loving relationship if you don’t love yourself fully and unconditionally first.

You can’t spread love to those around you if you don’t spread love to yourself first.

You can’t give your energy and love to others unless you give it to yourself first.

The only way to stop “needing” more love or looking for love and connection in food/sugar is to start loving yourself first.

This is easier said than done. But it’s a worthwhile journey. 

(You may enjoy this blog I wrote over a year ago on my own journey to self-love)

And you know what?

When we start to truly love ourselves, the good and the bad, we start to notice a change in our health.

When you love yourself fully, you’ll no longer fuel your body with junk and sweets on a daily basis.

When you love yourself fully, you’ll take time to rest and nourish your mind and body.

When you love yourself fully, you let go of the guilt and shame.

When you love yourself fully, looking after your mind and body will become part of who you are…  instead of some difficult goal you struggle to reach.

What could be possible for you if you loved yourself more?

So, with Valentine’s day a few days away, hear this…



And you don’t need anyone else’s validation or approval to fill up your love cup.

Let this be your reminder today and as we head into V day on Friday.

How can YOU love yourself more deeply today… this week… this month? 

Maybe it’s by taking yourself on a date.

Maybe it’s treating yourself to a massage.

Maybe it’s forgiving yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Maybe it’s just saying it out loud to yourself daily.

Maybe it’s finally investing in something big that you’ve wanted to do for yourself for a while now but have let fear and “not ready/good enough” hold you back.

Whatever loving yourself looks like for you, let that be your focus this week and every week after. 

And if the next step in loving yourself this year is to finally get off the sugar rollercoaster and build lasting healthy habits in your life, you’re in luck!

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Here’s to a week and month FULL of love in all areas of your life 🙂 

Love & Light,