Today I want to share with you some techniques you can use to not only identify but also to disarm your triggers around sugar (or any food).

When it comes to reshaping your relationship with sugar, one of the first steps is to identify where these triggers show up in your own life. This is a powerful exercise, and I encourage you to do it right now!

Take out your journal and grab a pen.

Think of the last time you were craving sugar or reaching for a snack.

What was going on in that moment?

How were you feeling?

Who were you with?

Even if you can’t remember the last time, I hope that after reading this you’ll be more aware of when these situations do come up in your life (keep reading).

Because, here’s the powerful thing – when you can identify the triggers in your life, you take away their power over you.

So, what is a trigger?

A sugar trigger is something, someone, or somewhere that prompts your brain to not only think about sugar but to also crave it.

Triggers can come in many forms – foods, situations, emotions, people, days of the week, holidays etc…

For most of us, these triggers are so deeply rooted in our subconscious that we rarely ever recognize them. But, when we start to bring more curiosity and awareness into our lives, we can stop these triggers in their tracts.

Maybe you notice you crave and reach for food/sugar most when you are tired, stressed, or bored. Or maybe you find yourself deep into a piece of cake whenever you visit your family. And I know you can’t think about Christmas or Halloween without thinking about the sugary treats that come along with it. Your mouth is probably watering right now…

No matter where your triggers are in your life, when you know what they are you can start to create a plan to avoid them or to take away their power in your life.

Ultimately this exercise will help you decrease your sugar cravings and make it much easier to stay motivated and on track towards a healthier and more energetic life!

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How to stop your triggers in their tracks.

Once you have identified your triggers, you’ll need to take a few steps to get them under control in a powerful way.

Step #1: When a craving hits. STOP. Ask yourself what it is that you are reacting to. Where did this craving come from? Did you see someone eating ice cream or did someone just mention your grandma’s pie?

Step #2: Take a moment to understand and ask what you actually need in that moment. Are you hungry? Are you overheated on a summer day and need to cool off? Do you miss your grandma and want to connect with her?

Step #3: Ask if having sugar in that moment is going to help you get what you really want. Will having ice cream be the best way to cool off? Will that pie re-connect you with your grandma in a real way?

Use a journal and jot down your answers to these 3 questions each time you notice a craving come up.

No judgment.

Just observe and be curious as you begin to bring more awareness into your relationship with sugar.


Love & Sugar Freedom,