Wow it’s been a crazy week so far!

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Every time I take a trip I get people asking me how I stay healthy while I’m on the road… and more importantly, how I stay on track with my eating while I’m away.

And today I wanted to jump in your inbox to share my top favourite 8 tips that I use whenever I travel to eat right (and allow for fun!).

If you’d prefer to hear my thoughts by video, come and listen to my 8 tips in my most recent Facebook Video HERE.

Let’s dive in (for more on WHY and HOW to use these tips, be sure to watch the video link above)

  1. Get clear on WHY eating healthy is important to you. Before any trip is a great time to refocus and remind yourself of why it matters to you. 
  2. Meal plan before you go. Take a look ahead at how many days you’ll be away and if there are any meals you can prep or pack for in advance. 
  3. Leave room for fun. You’re not going to be perfect so give yourself the grace and love to eat out or try new things without stressing too much about it.
  4. Pack whatever you can with you. I always bring my sugar-free granola, mixed nuts, other snacks, and any recipes I need with me so I’m ready to hit the ground running wherever I’m headed. 
  5. Call ahead and ask the hotel if you can request a fridge in your room OR choose a place to stay that has a fully equipped kitchen (ideal!)
  6. Look ahead for local grocery stores or healthy restaurants nearby
  7. HYDRATE as much as possible. Bring your favourite water bottle and carry it everywhere!
  8. Along with your water bottle, make sure to bring snacks wherever you go. Pick up some fresh fruit or grab some healthy nuts and always have these snacks handy when you’re out exploring new places or busy in meetings all day. 

Now you’re ready to travel!

And to come back feeling uplifted and refreshed instead of bogged down by the guilt of totally going off the rails with your eating.

A little planning goes a LONG way! 

Love & Light,