Wow where do I start?

I have been having a VERY powerful and transformational few weeks and I just want to share EVERYTHING with you (don’t worry I’ll try not to;))

To be honest I’m still processing. Trying to figure out what it all meant and how it shifted me.

If you’re following me over on Facebook & Instagram you’ll have noticed that last week I arrived home from my first ever music festival in the woods in Oregon.

It wasn’t just any music festival. 

It was 3,000 heart-centred, conscious and seriously open loving people in one place. Oh plus 3 full days of EPIC transformational music.  I’ve NEVER in my life felt so wild, free, vulnerable, and loved at one moment.

To say the experience changed me is an understatement.  And as I said goodbye and drove away on Monday morning, the tears flowed. My heart ached. Full of sadness as well as joy and love.

I could have easily let the fears and excuses keep me from going (especially since my car pool buddy cancelled the day before we left!). “It’s going to cost too much”, “I can’t take the time away from work and my clients right now”, “I don’t know anyone there…”, “Maybe I’ll be more prepared and go next year”….

But I didn’t. I threw myself into the fear and drove down all on my own. 

And I have no doubt in my mind that was exactly the experience I was meant to have.

Ok, I could go on and on talking about how incredible it was, but I wanted to share something VERY profound and specific with you today.

There’s a very bold new idea floating around in my head. 

What if the real solution to our addictions (food, sugar, coffee, alcohol, social media etc…) was actually community and connection?!

Hear me out.

A few weeks ago I came across this incredible Ted Talk (watch it here) that planted the seed in my mind that community is the opposite of addiction. 

And I thought “oh that’s a really interesting way of looking at it… “. Then I went on with my life and haven’t through about it since.

Until I was at the festival.

4 nights, 5 days. I don’t remember being hungry ONCE! (Hear what I had to say about my experience with this in my recent Facebook Video here!)

I didn’t crave junk food (like I normally do when I’m camping or on a road trip)!

I didn’t even want to drink the 2 bottles of wine I brought with me (say whaaaat!?)

I even stayed up until 4:30 AM one night dancing and feeling so energized and alive that I couldn’t even believe it myself (drug and alcohol free BTW).

The only reason I ate was because others around me where going off for lunch and I thought to myself “I should go back to camp and eat something…”

I probably ate 2 meals a day (of my incredible healthy dehydrated meals I made and brought with me!).

And here’s the kicker… I’ve never had more energy in my life!

Less food + more energy! How is that possible??!!!

And it got me thinking back to that original Ted Talk I had seen. And after experiencing this myself I have NO DOUBT in my mind that every single cell in my body was so nourished by the heart connections I was making with so many people in one place. I didn’t need food. I needed love and REAL human connection.

REAL connection and being wrapped in love and community IS A BASIC HUMAN NEED. Period.

It is something we need to nourish ourselves with every day.

And the sad truth is that many of us don’t (this includes me too). 

We get busy with our everyday lives and superficial relationships that don’t really nourish us at a deeper level.

POWERFUL right?!

What if this was what we needed to focus our time and energy on?

Building real deep connections at a heart level (not the ego level) with others.

My hope is that you’re at least starting to think about this in your own life right now. 

That I’ve planted a seed for you. To ponder. To reflect. To think how this could apply to your life. 

P.s. If this new thought resonated with you and you would like to dive deeper into what this could look like for your life, I’d LOVE to chat. Come on over and book a FREE initial session with me HERE. 

Love & Light,