Isn’t it funny how we can dish out advice and not be doing those things ourselves?

I’ve had so many conversations lately with clients and peers about the vital importance of taking time to rest and integrate. To let your body and mind soak in all of the work and transformation that’s taking place.

And here I am NOT doing this for myself.

Ok don’t get me wrong. I’m really great at taking bits and pieces of time here for myself. I always prioritize my sleep and down time at the end of everyday.

But in all honesty, I rarely take a FULL uninterrupted day offline and away from work.

Every time I DO gift myself space to just be me and to just go with the flow of a day, I realize how important this time is for myself.

THIS is where the big ideas come from.

THIS is how I can rejuvenate and show up even better and more centred for my clients and others around me.

And the truth is that I haven’t INTENTIONALLY taken time off to “do nothing” since I went on my own 4 days solo-retreat in Guatemala in January!!!

So, here I am. Having this realization at yet again an inconvenient time – my schedule is packed, I have calls booked.. things to do… people to see!

And you know what?

It’s never a good time. Our schedules are ALWAYS going to be full.

SO this time I decided to just make it happen for me. To kick the excuses to the curb and prioritize myself and the rest that I need right now.

I moved things around. Made some tough decisions and sent some hard emails.

And I am officially taking a FULL week off this week!!! 🙂

I don’t have anything booked. Nothing “to do” except just be. To just rest and go with the flow.

My hope is that you let this be your PERMISSION to do the same. Life is hard, we’re all working towards big goals… and the real work is in the rest.

Doing nothing IS the work.

And if I can make it happen, so can you!

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Love & Light,