This ‘G’ word has no business floating around in your life.

You know, that feeling after you’ve done or eaten something “bad”?

That “why did I do that, I feel horrible” talk, after eating an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids or stealing the kids Halloween candy.

That “hangover” after indulging in something that you know doesn’t feel good and isn’t good for your body.

You know what I’m talking about.

We all do it.

We’ve all been there.

Guilting ourselves.

And, does it help?

After a good round of guilting, do we feel better about yourselves? Do we learn the lesson and never repeat it again?


We end up feeling worse. And we repeat the behavior again and again.

One of the most difficult pieces of the sugar-free journey is learning to let go of this guilt and negative talk. But it’s also one of the most rewarding and life-changing parts.

Once you’re in a place where you can CHOOSE to indulge, the guilt slips away. That is what a healthy relationship with sugar (and yourself) feels like.

So, how do you start to release the guilt?

It starts with staying curious in all areas of your life. Ask yourself, “why am I feeling this way?” or “why did I eat all of that when I know it makes me feel bloated and gross?”

Curiosity is NOT judgment. It’s observation. It’s learning more about yourself and your habits. It’s growth. It’s love.

A huge part of the process of releasing guilt around food and eating is changing the way that you eat and think about food. For me and my clients, it’s been about finding sugar freedom and in the process, learning to eat whole real foods with the occasional indulgence on our terms.

This is food freedom. This is guilt free.

If you’re in a place where you are consciously CHOOSING to indulge in a food or activity, the guilt slips away. You can really be present and loving as you enjoy that brownie or bowl of ice cream.

Remember your body CAN handle the occasional indulgence. It’s OK. It’s normal. It’s part of enjoying life!

And, if you are in a place where you know you need to be making healthier choices and changes in your life, then know that guilting yourself every time you eat crappy food or watch TV instead of going running will only make it HARDER for you to feel motivated to work towards those goals.

Acknowledge wherever you are right now. Own it. Love it. Then bring in curiosity, awareness, and love as you dive into learning more about yourself along your journey. THIS is how to make a change. From a place of love and acceptance. 

Our words are powerful. What we tell ourselves on a daily basis literally dictates how we will go about our day. So, choose wisely.

Remember, it’s a process. A journey. You won’t wake up tomorrow after reading this and never feel guilty again. My hope is that you’ll start to notice it less and less as the weeks go by. You’ll learn to be truly present with the decisions you make in your life and own them. You’ll say only kind things to yourself. And you’ll learn to love every part of you.

So, eat the ice cream. Skip the gym. Eat all the Halloween candy. But do it because you CHOOSE to do it, not because you’re making excuses or trying to avoid an uncomfortable emotion.

When you’re really in control of your relationship with food, you can choose from a place of control. A place of true freedom. This is what I want for you. For all of us.

I know it’s possible for you!

If you want to finally let go of the guilt and build a healthy relationship with food/sugar for good, let’s chat!

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Goodbye guilt!

Love & Light,