Can you believe it’s already the end of February?!

And for me, this means hitting the road again.

Which got me thinking.

About how life is almost never always a perfect set of routines.

How there’s always things that throw us off.

A weekend away.


Being on the road traveling.

Family visiting. 

Longer days at work.

As much as so many of us (just me?!) love routine, part of life is learning how to operate and stay happy and healthy when things get a bit crazy… which they will… often.

So how do we do that?

How do we stay centered and in tune with our health goals when things have shifted or we’re out of our normal routine?

I think this is a question we all need to reflect on.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing now. The day before I “hit the road” again. 

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving Lake Atitlan and spending the next 2 weeks making our way north to the beautiful hot beaches of Mexico. I’m already looking forward to arriving and setting new routines for our 6 weeks at the beach.

But during the trip, things will NOT be routine. Plans will go out the window. We’ll have to go with the flow.

And this is how I’m preparing:

  1. Take a moment to think ahead. Just writing this email is helping me reflect and set my intentions.
  2. Adjust my goals to be realistic with what’s coming my way the next few weeks. My “meditate every day” goal will become “meditate 5 days a week”. My “run 3 times/week” goal will become “move my body in some capacity every day”. 
  3. Set new goals. Maybe being out of routine warrants some new goals. For me, it will be to cook as much as I can in kitchens I have access to, go with the flow and honor my body, schedule in time to work on days when we aren’t adventuring, and plan “on the road” meals and food.
  4. Don’t plan too much. When we find ourselves in times of chaos the best thing we can do is cut some of the “to dos” from our lists. Give ourselves extra time to process, rest and reflect. Moving? Don’t also plan a dinner party and 3 workshops. Honor that things take more time than you think. For me, this is a big one. I’m paring back my big exciting work plans and being realistic with how much time I’ll actually have to sit down and do focused work. I’m re-adjusting. Being flexible and honoring that I’ll need extra time to rest and enjoy the journey.

Doing these few powerful things will make the world of a difference when things are out of routine in your life.

If you know something is coming your way, take a moment to reflect and adjust your goals and schedule. You’ll be so thankful that you did!

And of course, stay tuned over on my Facebook Page and Instagram for updates from my trip!  

Love & Light,