It’s starting…

People all around me are falling ill.

It got very real this last week when my husband caught a bad cold (yes the man kind). Even as I type this, I can feel my head getting a bit foggy. I refuse to cave and will bring out all of my tricks to keep the sickness at bay this season.

The natural change in environment, energy, and temperature leads to the epidemic of sickness that no doubt is already flowing through your office and circle of friends. Sometimes it’s hard to fight, but not impossible. With focus, purpose, and attention, you can learn to take the best care of your body and give it the best chance possible to fight any germs floating around.

What I do to keep my immune system strong during this shift in seasons:


Cut out/back on toxic foods


  • Sugar (yes, that includes honey & maple syrup)
  • Caffeine
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Processed fats & oils

Focus on adding immune-boosting foods into my daily diet


  • Fresh garlic
  • Fresh ginger
  • Citrus fruits
  • Leafy greens
  • Squash & pumpkin
  • Red and orange fruits and vegetables
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Fermented foods

Focus on hydration


I will fill a 2-liter jug with water and place it out in the open so that I remember to drink it during the day. On top of this, I will ensure to drink 2-3 herbal teas per day. Healing blends of ginger, turmeric, licorice, and mint are perfect. Stay consistent and focused on getting that hydration into your body so that it can stay strong and fight any foreign bacteria.

Get consistent good sleep & rest


I know you already know this one, but I can’t make this list without it. This month and during the winter months, sleep is key to allowing your body to rest and clean out any toxins or bacteria it may have come in contact with during the day.

Having a sleep routine is mandatory to staying healthy this season. Everyone requires different amounts of sleep and at different times. Whatever is best for you, set a schedule and go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Keep moving daily


Our bodies are busy fighting germs. They are oh so tired and there isn’t much energy left to do all of the amazing things we did during the summer. Take the time to acknowledge your body’s work and appreciate that movement this month and through the winter should be a little gentler and calmer.

Perfect Fall and Winter exercise include long walks, hikes, yoga, pilates, swimming, and dancing.

Keep my hands & mouth clean


No, I’m not telling you to load up on hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap. All you need to keep your hands clean is to wash them throughout the day with good old classic soap. You can find my discussion on this topic here.

Just as important is your mouth. Your mouth naturally contains many types of bacteria that are essential in the digestion of your food and release of certain enzymes. Sometimes, bad bacteria can get in through breathing, kissing, or sharing drinks. More than just brushing your teeth twice/day, try oil pulling. It’s an ancient method of using oil to extract bacteria and germs from  your mouth. Take a look here for more information.

De-stress & release bad energy


We all know how stress can cause damage to our heath in many ways. One thing that happens when we stress, is that our immune system’s defense gets weak. The same happens when we hold on to negative thoughts and bad energy within our lives.

Now, more than ever, is the time to let go. Let go of all that sh*t that doesn’t really matter. You have the control over how you let things affect you, so choose to let them roll off your back and stay focused on the big beautiful picture in life.

Self-massage and body scrub


Self-massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures. It not only stimulates blood circulation, but creates a sense of peace and happiness that is a key reason to focus on your self-care in these ways.

You can use warm coconut oil after a shower or bath and simply take your time massaging it all over your body. Take your time and enjoy the touch.

Another great option is to use a natural body scrub to get the blood flowing. Check here for my amazing DIY body scrub recipe.

Sometimes, you can do everything in your power to prevent falling ill and it still catches up to you. It’s OK. You’ve given your body the right chance to fight and now it will continue to be stronger and help you recover quicker than if you didn’t follow prevention methods listed above.

These are a few of my “go-to” tips and advice to help you heal quicker and get back to loving life.

  • Take drops of oil of oregano twice/day
    • Oil of oregano is a great anti-bacterial and has been proven to help fight those germs.
  • Have a green smoothie twice/day
    • Leafy greens are loaded with Vitamin A, C and other anti-oxidants that promote great health.
  • Load up on citrus fruits
    • Citrus fruits not only provide ample Vitamin C, but they also provide a great source of extra hydration.
  • Eat fresh garlic (guacamole, salad dressings)
    • Fresh (non-cooked) garlic has been proven to be as or more effective than antibiotics in fighting bacteria.
  • Increase my zinc intake (zinc lozenges, spinach, peas, sesame seeds, flax seeds, seafood, cashews, chickpeas, oatmeal, kidney beans, almonds, pumpkin seeds)
    • Zinc is a key component in supporting your immune system through cell creation and division in the body.
  • Drink ginger, lemon and honey tea
    • Refreshing, hydrating, soothing, and anti-bacterial, this tea combination is my key go-to for fighting off germs.
  • Rest as much as I can
    • Yes, sometimes this means making hard decisions and canceling obligations in my life. My health is extremely important to me and if my body needs rest, that’s what I’m going to give it.
  • Make warm soups full of vegetables and fresh ingredients
    • A great way to hydrate and pack myself full of vitamins and minerals are soups and stews. I love the healing nature of soup and rely on it to get me through when I’m under the weather.
  • Do yoga
    • Continuing to practice yoga and focusing on my breath allows my body to push out toxins and heal from the inside out. Keeping my exercise slow and calm is just what my body needs when I’m feeling off.

Now you are ready to take on November by storm. Choose 1-2 items from the list above and start focusing on them in your daily routine.

Stay healthy my love.

Love & Stay Strong,