Save time and be happier and healthier by focusing on simple.

Living simply and eating simply are the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Save money, be happier and healthier by being simple. When did everything get so complicated?

Eat simple foods.

Stay focused on simple whole foods. Can you imagine your food growing in the earth? If no, then it is probably too complicated. Complicated food products tend to be full of chemicals and not healthy. Simple foods are whole foods that are by themselves a complete package of nutrients and phytonutrients needed for you to sustain life. Trying to understand some food products these days just makes my head spin- best avoid them and the added stress they can add to our lives.

Eat simple.

Preparing your own meals ensures you stay connected with the tradition and life giving elements around food. Food gives us life and we need to remember to respect ourselves and be thankful for the food we have. Using just a few ingredients in each meal also keeps things more simple. Not only will this make cooking easier for you but it will also help your system digest each and every nutrient more easily.  Sit down and focus when you eat. Who would have thought of that one? We have gotten too far away from the relaxed state in which meals are meant to be enjoyed and are now eating most of our meals rushing around which can cause overeating and malabsorption. Eating sitting down allows your body to rest and focus on digesting the life giving food you are putting in it.

Live simple.

We don’t need most of the things we think we do. Do you really NEED a new TV? Or a TV at all? Do you NEED a coffee today? When we think about what we really need to sustain life we think of food, shelter, clothing and love. It is hard to stay focused on our real and simple needs with the billions of advertisements and pressures in our consumeristic culture. I encourage everyone to think in terms of basic needs again and to really ponder and think if they need something before they just go out and get it. Being simpler in this regard will no doubt save you money and also the stress of trying to keep up with your peers and their possessions. Often possessions are used in replacement of love and relationships. Try turning your energy and time towards building new and loving relationships instead and see what happens.

Living simple has made a huge impact on my life in both health and stress. I am so thankful that each day I am able to focus on what is real and what is important to me in my life and not get caught up in all of the confusion. I am happy because all of my basic needs are covered and I have loving and caring relationships in my life. What more do we really need?
Here’s to a simple life!

Health and Happiness for today & tomorrow