These last few weeks have been FULL ON for me. Between organizing and hosting my Emotional Eating Workshop for hundreds of people and juggling regular life things it’s been a wild ride.

I had a powerful conversation with a client earlier this week that sparked an important topic….

We were diving into the deep emotional work she’s doing and her current struggles with perfectionism, self-worth, fear of failure and…. trouble taking down time.

I can relate on a VERY personal level.

We live in a wold where we’re encouraged from a young age to always be “do-ing” instead of just being human “be-ings”. 

Back when I started my business this was me to a T. Never taking time for myself. Struggling to get it all done in a day. Having trouble sleeping with all the thoughts floating around in my head all day long.

Always planning.

Always “doing” something.

And if I had a day where I wasn’t productive… oh boy did I feel worthless.

Like what was the point? I was worthless and lazy. Oh the stories I told myself…

Can you relate?

Over the past few years of my own personal growth and inner work I’ve realized one very powerful truth.

The real “work” is in the rest.   

Whenever I take pockets of time for myself to just be. To rest. To wander through the woods. To relax…. THIS is when everything clicks for me.

I’ll realize the answer to a problem I’m having.

I’ll come to terms with emotions I’m processing.

I’ll discover some truth that supports my inner journey.

The REST is the work. Especially if you’re knees deep in doing any of the deeper work that comes with building a healthy relationship with food.

So, let this be your reminder, and your permission, to take time OFF this week. To do NOTHING. To just be. To rest. To disconnect.

Book it in now. Non-negotiable. 

This is exactly what I’m doing as we speak.

This week, I’m spending 3 nights camping deep in the woods. No cell reception. No wifi. No distractions. Nothing to do. No where to go.

And I know I’ll come back on Friday feeling refreshed. Feeling more deeply connected with myself. More nourished than ever. With more clarity on my goals and clear action steps.

Taking a step back from the “busy-ness” of life is an important practice. 

Now it’s your turn to schedule this in for yourself and make it happen. Maybe it’s only 2 hours, maybe it’s a full day, or maybe it’s a week vacation… whatever you can swing, do it!

You won’t regret it.

Love & Light,