“Why are you spending money on that?!” my mom asked, both surprised and curious.

I had just mentioned that I was taking myself away for a 3 night retreat getaway all on my own.

I was spending money on a beautiful little cottage oasis to enjoy all by myself. (Irony – it was a cottage on a honey farm… and yes I bought some to enjoy)

Not the first time I’ve been met with that response when I shared my practice of gifting myself space on my quarterly retreats.

I’m willing to bet if you’re anything like I used to be, that just the thought of being alone with yourself for an extended period of time is terrifying.

Why would anyone want to do that?

I used to think the same way. 

Growing up in a society where we’re told if we aren’t being productive and busy every day then we’re not worthy. We’re useless unless we have something to prove for our day.

I’m calling B.S. on this right now.

Working hard. Burying my head in work. Checking off to-do lists. Burning myself out.

Lead me to nothing more than constant stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and turning to food to cope.

The journey to teach myself to tune back in, to slow down, to learn to deeply and unconditionally love myself has been one of the most powerful journey’s of my life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. This is still a work in progress for me. A journey that I’m committed to.

Because when we can learn to be still with ourselves we begin to uncover who we really are.

And we learn how to love all of who we are.

So, why do I take myself away and spend money on myself in this way every few months?

Because I love myself.

And because every time I gift myself space, from technology, work, responsibilities, and life, I uncover deeper levels of myself. More awareness into all areas of my life.

And the best part? When I get out of my own way and take space and time to slow down, ALL of the answers and solutions to challenges I may have come flooding to the forefront. 

Funny how we already have all the answers we need within us and when we just step back from all the “busi-ness” of life we can finally let ourselves hear them.

These little getaways are a mandatory piece of my self-care and well being. They are a non-negotiable.

Just as I wouldn’t blink twice to book a romantic getaway with my hubby, these retreats give me a chance to reconnect with ME. To date myself and show myself all the love that’s there. 

For me it started as a full day to myself. And over the years one night turned into my now 3 night minimum. You see, the more time you can spend in one stint with yourself, the deeper you get into all the good stuff.

I find that it takes me a good day to get my brain out of “to do” list mode. And on the second day I’m really sinking into the gratitude and relaxation of the space I’m in. By day 3 I’m full of inspiration, clarity and motivation for whatever’s next for me.

I hope this inspires you.

To take a step back and learn to slow down. Learn to connect with who you really are.

Maybe it’s one afternoon a month.

Maybe it’s just one night away somewhere.

However you can build solo time into your life, just get started. Book it in and make yourself a priority. 

The only rules:

  • No technology (or serious boundaries around when/how you’ll use it)
  • Phone on airplane mode
  • Bring a journal (or a few)

Then let the magic unfold 🙂 

Love & Light,