I’ve been hearing a lot lately from many women, just like you, who are struggling with building a consistent meal planning habit.

I get it.

Life is busy.

Habits are HARD to create.

It’s overwhelming.

And guess what?

I’ve got you covered 😉 But it’s still top secret so stay tuned next week for a really exciting announcement!

And no where does meal planning seem more difficult than when you’re heading away on a fun summer vacation!

With my upcoming road trip (I leave tomorrow!) right around the corner, I wanted to share with you EXACTLY how I meal plan before heading away on a trip.

Because the truth is that if we don’t plan we’re actually planning to fail.

How many times have you been on vacation with no other food choices other than McDonlads or a dirty gas station to “fuel” up at? 

How many times have you returned home from a trip only to realize you’ve gained 5 lbs and feel gross and sluggish in your own skin?

Enjoying life and taking fun trips doesn’t have to mean you throw all of your goals out the window!!!

And a little planning with your food and snacks makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

So, what do I do to prep for trips? Here’s my exact process:

  1. Decide if I want to plan. Yup, I ask myself if this trip is worth doing the prep and if I actually want to do it. If I’m going away one or two nights then maybe not. But for longer trips always yes.
  2. Sit down and get clear on how many days/which days I will be away. I always do this about a week before leaving for my trip to give plenty of time for step 5. 
  3. Decide how much food I want to bring (and for what meals) and which meals I’ll leave freedom to eat out and go with the flow. My travel meal plans are no where near as scheduled as when I’m home. I’ll often pick 2-3 meals (see below for ideas) to take along and just play it by ear as to when I eat them and when I eat out.
  4. Decide WHICH meals will work for your trip. Will you have cooking facilities? Will there be a fridge? Are you crossing an international boarder? What will you have access to? Then CHOOSE the meals that will work for you. (see below for ideas)
  5. Get cooking well in advance. Schedule in the 2-3 days before your departure to cook the meals you chose and make a DOUBLE BATCH. Eat your delicious dinner and leave the leftovers in the fridge to take with you in your cooler when you go 🙂 A huge time and stress saver!
  6. Pack up and hit the road 🙂

But WHAT do you make that’s easy to eat on the road?

 Here are some of my GO-TOs:

  • Mexican Rice with added black beans, spinach, and avocado
  • Black Bean & Rice Burritos (I always pack a container of the mix and wraps separate to make on the fly so they don’t go mushy in travel ;))
  • Thai Peanut Salad or Crunchy Salad Bowl (recipes from the Break Free From Sugar E-Cookbooks)
  • Porridge or home made sugar-free granola for breakfasts 
  • Hard boiled eggs, nuts, fresh fruit for snacks

And for this particular trip next week I’m heading away camping with nothing but water and my travel backpacking stove. So, I’m dehydrating some of my favorite trail recipes to bring with me that are both lightweight and won’t go bad without being kept cold for 4 days!

I’ve made my famous Slow Cooker Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry (Break Free From Sugar E-Cookbook – Fall Edition), Carrot Ginger Squash Soup (Break Free From Sugar E-Cookbook – Fall Edition), and White Chicken Chilli (Ambitious kitchen recipe here).

And for breakfasts I’ll be taking my pre-mixed quick oatmeal (quick oats, chia, flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and dried fruit).

Knowing that I’ll have healthy options on hand at all times takes a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Not only will I save BIG money not eating out, I’ll also be eating real foods that will make me feel clean and light to help balance out the indulgences that I’m sure I will have on my trip. 

Because let’s face it, of COURSE I’m going to indulge. I’m excited to exercise my sugar freedom and make choices that feel right to me without NEEDING them. Choosing to want them instead (can you say wine!!!??)

This little planning always helps me come home from vacations feeling light and on track instead of guilty, heavy, bogged down and like I have to get back on track… I never fell off 🙂 

Do you want to feel this too? 

Let’s get on the phone and dive into how you can find this freedom and planning for yourself. Come on over HERE and book a completely FREE session with me by August 31st!

I hope this has inspired you to think ahead before your next summer (or winter) trip and to decide that staying on track is important to you!

Happy Prepping!

Love & Light,