Have you ever received bad news?

I’m willing to bet, if you’re human, you answered yes to this question. 

It’s part of life.

Things don’t always go as planned or as we want them to.

2 weeks ago we received some bad news ourselves. And in the moment it really shook me to my core. Left me feeling angry, frustrated, nervous, anxious… and all the rollercoaster of other heavy emotions.

What was this news?

And how did I flow within a few hours from emotional turmoil into calm trust and surrender?

Check out my recent short video here

In this video, I also share how you can begin to handle “bad” news with grace and ease in your life.

And how we handle bad news is a direct link to our relationship with food!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the video and share how you handle bad news in your life (heaven knows we’ve all had some!)

I’m beyond excited and humbled to help guide women through this revival of their healthy relationship with food… and self. Doing the foundational work that really creates lasting change in our health and lives is my passion!

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 My hope is that you’ll start using some of the tools I share in the video above next time you receive some bad news… or something bad happens in your day. Every time you practice this it gets easier!

Swimming upstream against life is too difficult. Why not flow instead

Love & Light,