I’m curious…. Do you love cooking?

Do you love creating new meals and spending time in your kitchen every day?

Or are you finding it hard to get motivated to get in the kitchen?

Maybe you’re finding it stressful or uninspiring…

I hear you!

And to be completely honest (as I always am), sometimes I go through phases where I have no desire or passion for being in my kitchen creating delicious and healthy meals.

Life ebbs and flows and these periods of time are normal.

If you’re in one of these periods, or you’ve always felt this way about cooking, then this blog is for you.

I want to share some of my favourite tricks for bringing the passion and fun back into the kitchen! 

I wholeheartedly believe that we can ALL enjoy cooking. And that finding a way back into the joy of cooking is the SOLUTION to our health epidemic. Cooking whole real foods and spending time in our kitchen instead of eating pre-packaged or take out foods. Learning to cook and ENJOY cooking is such an important piece to living our healthiest life!

As you read through this list remember that you DO NOT have to do all of these. Feel into which ones trigger joy for you and start there. The idea is to pick 1-2 tricks and give them a try this week. Observe. And adjust if you’re still feeling uninspired!

  1. Organize your kitchen, pantry, and fridge – clear those counters, throw out expired goods, and free up some much needed happy energy in your kitchen!
  2. Clean up/tidy the kitchen before cooking – clear everything you don’t need off the counters and pull out all the ingredients you need for your meal in advance.
  3. Blast your favourite music for a dance party
  4. Put on an inspiring or funny podcast/video
  5. Try a new recipe at least once a week
  6. Give yourself ample time to cook – nothing robs the fun from cooking quite like feeling rushed
  7. Buy a new kitchen gadget to spice things up (spiralizer anyone?!)
  8. Choose a theme night
  9. Get the whole family involved – invite your kids and spouse into the kitchen for a family cook off dance party
  10. Or if you prefer having the kitchen to yourself, ask your family in advance to give you the space and silence that you need while you’re in the kitchen  – no distractions = more fun.
  11. Think of your recipe as art – pretend you’re a food blogger or chef at a high end restaurant. Create art with your food and prepare it in a way that makes you want to take 100 photos!
  12. Ask someone else to clean up – as soon as Ben and I got on the routine of me doing all the cooking and him doing all the clean up, I noticed spending time in the kitchen was a lot more fun for me without the looming dishes awaiting!
  13. Decide that it will be fun – seems simple and silly but mindset is everything! 
  14. Use the fine china – it’s not there just to look at! Use your best plates and really go for it. While you’re at it, set the table and light some candles!
  15. And my favourite trick – cook with friends (in person or virtual). Creating a nourishing meal with your girlfriends can be a blast. Connecting, chatting, and cooking is such a nourishing experience on so many levels. Don’t forget that glass of wine too.

If that last tip sounds like as much fun to you as it does to me, let’s make it happen!

I know that during this time of quarantine you may be feeling lonely, isolated, stressed, and bored in the kitchen all on your own.

Which is exactly why I’ve decided to try something new! 

I’m hosting my very first virtual Batch Cooking Party this Sunday, May 24th from 1-4 PM PST on Zoom!

We’ll come together to share in the experience of preparing nourishing meals for the week while also having a LOT of fun connecting with each other, laughing, and learning some new kitchen tricks and tips from yours truly.

Think girls night meets meal prep.

For the price of one takeout meal, you’ll get:

  • The Party Booklet that is complete with 5 incredible whole foods recipes, shopping list, and prep checklist. 
  • An afternoon of connection and fun.
  • The confidence and excitement that you have healthy meals and snacks ready for the week ahead. 
  • A community of other women full of tips, ideas, and suggestions when it comes to cooking and kitchen fun.
  • Lessons and tips in the kitchen along the way.
  • Connection & support in a safe and loving community.

Want to join in the fun?


Be sure to get registered before Saturday May 23rd so you have time to shop and prepare for the party in advance!

I can’t wait to see you there.


P.s. I’m beyond excited to be hosting the very first virtual Batch Cooking Party this Sunday May 24th from 1-4 PM PST. We’ll come together from the comfort of our own kitchens, cook up some amazing foods for the week, learn kitchen tricks, and have some serious fun! Come on over HERE to register and join the party by Saturday May 23rd!

Love & Light,