Did I ever tell you about that time I spent $7,000 on my personal growth in just one month?



Last year I decided enough was enough with my business and personal growth. 

I had been struggling for 3 years trying to figure out things on my own.

Doing free challenge after free challenge.

Not really taking things seriously.

Can you relate?

Because here’s the thing about money and growth. You HAVE to spend $ if you want to actually see results and change in your life.

When you do something for FREE, you won’t take it seriously. Period. 

When you spend $$ it creates a powerful energetic shift.

You take yourself more seriously. You take the process more seriously. And you commit full on to whatever goal you are working towards.

And this is why I jumped in and invested BIG in myself. More money than I had at the time or had ever spent on myself. I invested in a business course that my mentor was offering AND a personal coach of my own.

I actually took out a loan to do it (double scary). Because I was at rock bottom. I needed help and I craved a change.

And It was the best investment I’ve ever made. I haven’t looked back for one second.

Want to hear more about my story and journey with this? Check out my recent video here.

Let this message be your reminder. Your reminder to reach out and get the help and support you need to work towards whatever change you’re craving.

And to not let spending $$ scare you away.

Remember that the more you spend the MORE you’ll transform. 

Love & Light,


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