Its that time in my life again. Time for change. Time for new exciting adventures. Time to move!

My husband & I are moving cities in the next week and we are both excited and nervous at the same time. That is completely normal with change and we are trying to focus more on the exciting aspects (like living on the ocean) and less on the nervous aspects (like it costing more money).

In the past, moving has always been a very stressful time for me. The planning, the packing, the nerves, then uncertainty. The stress of it all would leave us run down and often sick in the days after the move. This year I have decided to approach things with a different mindset. I am going to focus on staying happy, staying centered and healthy during this time. Here is how I plan to do exactly that.

Leading up to the big day

  • Meal Prep: I will plan ahead to make sure we have enough healthy meals in the freezer to pull out at the last minute when we don’t have the time or energy to cook.
  • Pre-pack: I am all for planning ahead to make things easier. I hate the stress that comes with leaving things to the last minute. So I have been and will continue to pack slowly over the weeks leading up to the move. There are always things around the house that I can pack up and live without for a few weeks no problem. This will make the last rush of packing a lot quicker and easier.
  • Pre-clean: on the same note as packing ahead, I have and will keep doing a bit of cleaning that I know needs to be done before we leave our current place. Last week we steam cleaned the carpets and washed the windows- things that shouldn’t get too dirty over the next week before we leave. Next up is taking down anything screwed into the walls and filling holes. I don’t need pictures up for a few weeks.
  • Pre-arrange logistics: Having a moving day plan in place takes a huge weight off my shoulders. For the first time in our lives we have rented a moving truck to make things seamless on moving day (no need for 3 people with trucks to cart stuff from A to B). Full disclosure: since our last adventure our belongings have managed to spread themselves out between 3 locations within 1 hour drive from where we currently are. Moving day will involve 3 stops. Much easier with a big moving truck!
  • Stay positive: I will put an extra emphasis on staying positive while we prepare for the uncertain. I will exercise regularly, meditate daily and continue to look at the new adventure with excitement in my eyes.

Day of the move

  • Start out on the right foot: After having gone to bed at hopefully an early hour the night before, I will wake early and have a big glass of water and great healthy breakfast (probably our signature porridge). This will help us get the day going with good energy and the right mindset.
  • Pack sufficient food: I will make sure to have pre-made meals (quinoa salad, sandwiches, power balls) ready for the big travel day. Since my husband will be driving the big truck, and me the car, I will make sure to have food packed in each location for when we need it. No need to be tempted to stop at Tim Hortons when we have delicious and healthy food in the back seat!
  • Stay hydrated: I plan to make green smoothies to have for the drive as well as lots of good water. I will stay aware and keep myself hydrating as much as I can through the day. I plan to avoid any caffeinated drinks during the day- they will not help during a stressful day!
  • Help move boxes: I asked my husband what his tips were to stay healthy on moving day and he said ¬†“help lift and move the boxes instead of just delegating and observing. I am not sure if he was trying to remind me of something or if he was reminding himself. Either way it is great advice. Moving day can be a great chance to get some weight bearing exercise in, so take advantage and get lifting (with your legs not your back- another piece of his advice)
  • No time pressures: This is an important one for me. I usually tend to put certain time pressures on myself which do nothing but cause me extra stress. It doesn’t matter what time we start the day, what time we eat lunch, what time we have to work until in the night. I have made sure this time that we do not have any time crunch to return the moving truck (not til the next morning). So we have all day and night if that’s what it takes to go slow and just go with it.
  • Eat Lunch: I plan to take the time (30 min) to sit down and actually eat lunch. I think a mid day break will be very important for us to rejuvenate and refocus while nourishing our bodies so we don’t get too run down.
  • Stay happy and laugh lots: I plan to stay focused on the exciting and happy adventure that we are on. I will listen to fun music, smile lots, be friendly to people we encounter along the way and remember to slow down and take it all in. It is not a race or rush (which sometimes I tend to act like it is). I am committing this to all of your right now: I will stay calm, happy and as relaxed as possible during the whole day.
  • Celebrate: the most important part! Pop the champagne and celebrate with my husband after all is complete and we are settled in the new place for our first night. Celebrate a job well done- we will have earned it!

The days after

  • Reflect: The beginning of a new adventure is upon us. This is a great time to reflect on how the day went and what our plans are in our new place.
  • Take time: Book off 1-2 days after your move to settle in and relax. Nothing worse than having to rush back to work and responsibilities the day after moving. If you can, take it slow. Take time to settle in and relax in your new place. Eat good meals and look after your body. I will clear my schedule for 2 days (no plans!) to just enjoy the newness and of course the fun of deciding where everything will go.
  • Unpack: For those who know me well, you know that I don’t waste any time when it comes to organizing and unpacking. I am that person that actually LOVES moving. Ditching old things that no longer serve me and then finding new ways to organize my belongings in a new space- what fun! Luckily as minimalists, my husband and I do not have many possessions which will make the process much smoother. We will be unpacked within a day or two. This is important so that we can get on with enjoying our new space and make it our own. Let the good ¬†energy start to flow as soon as possible
  • Cleanse: No matter how well you do it, moving is a stressful time. I am overdue for my spring cleanse and feel that what a great time to do it than right after our move. I am planning for a 3 or 4 day juice cleanse with few days on either end easing into and out of it. I feel it is a great time for some reflection and cleansing for my body.

I have never felt more ready to tackle moving day as I do right now. I know mentally I will be more prepared than I ever have in the past and this will help me stay healthy during the whole processes. I am actually EXCITED for it to take place and to start a new adventure. After living like nomads for the last two years, it will be nice to finally feel settled.

Here is to the healthiest and happiest move yet!