A long overdue and VERY important conversation on the role of sugar in communities of colour with our very special guest Shun Forman.

Did you know that people of colour are more likely to be addicted to sugar and suffer from various metabolic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes?

Education is level 1 and that’s what Shun is here to help us with on todays’ episode!

In this episode:

  • Shun’s powerful inspiration and healing journey with sugar
  • How historical sites, books, and information helped heal from sugar.
  • Why is the impact of sugar being seen more in communities of colour 
  • What aspects of life play a big factor in higher sugar consumption in BIPOC communities
  • What is sugarland and the impacts of slavery in processed food addiction
  • More!

After hearing of and seeing enough injustices within Black American communities, Shun Foreman returned to school for a master’s in human rights and social justice. While learning that she could use the lens of healthcare to understand health disparities in communities of color, Shun focused on the history of sugar in black communities.

To understand the sugar industry’s role in Black American history, Shun traveled to the sugar plantations in Louisiana and Sugar Land, Texas. Shun’s conversations with the late Reginald Moore in Sugar Land and plantation tours are critical to why she stays motivated to cut sugar from her diet, sustain a greater than sixty-pound weight loss, and bring sugar awareness to communities of color.

Shun has over twenty-five years of nursing experience in areas ranging from childbirth and intensive care to research and administration, and she is also a Certified and Licensed Sugar Addiction Counselor. Shun loves working to help save lives as a sugar coach for African American women and a community speaker as she establishes her business as Sugar Mode Off.

Connect with Shun Foreman:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sugarmodeoff
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