Part 2 of an INCREDIBLE conversation with my dear friend Kyira Wackett.
(come listen to part 1 in Ep. 43)

Today we dive even deeper into an understanding of Shame, Comparison, Judgement and toxic bad vs. good thinking.


In this episode:

  • What is shame and where does it come from
  • How to process shame so it’s no longer controlling us
  • Personal shame vs. situational shame
  • Why do we compare and judge so much even when it hurts us
  • How to break the comparison cycle
  • Good vs. bad and black vs. white thinking – why we do it and how we can get out of this toxic thinking
  • More!

Kyira Wackett is a licensed mental health therapist specializing in shame and anxiety. She is the owner of Adversity Rising, a company who equips people with the confidence and skills to write their own stories. Her work ranges from one on one coaching to corporate wellness packages with a focus on what she calls the anti-band-aid movement or resisting the quick fix in favor of doing the work necessary to make meaningful and sustainable change. The highlight of her work is her signature program, That Life AR, where she walks people through her 5-step therapeutic process she believes can combat any pain point that comes our way because we all deserve to live a life in which we can thrive.

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