Do you struggle with getting consistent quality sleep? Well… it may be WHAT your sleeping on that’s the problem.

Tune in this week for a deep dive and eye opening conversation on sleep with Resthouse CEO Olga Roberts.

In this episode:

  • Olga’s raw and vulnerable struggles with sleep, anxiety and motherhood
  • How she took the leap into prioritizing her health and used sleep to heal from the inside out
  • The main reasons most people struggle to get a good night’s sleep
  • Quality vs. quantity of sleep – which matters most?
  • The shocking truth of what’s going on in the mattress and bedding industry and why most people are throwing away thousands of dollars every year
  • The different approach that Resthouse takes in their service and products to actually solve people’s sleep problems
  • More!

Olga Roberts is a zealous business woman, mum, caregiver and paddle boarding aficionado. With a lengthy career as an international flight attendant and with first-hand experience of the detriments of sleep deprivation, as well as her background in the organic food industry in sales and as a broker, improving lives through quality rest, by virtue of innovative, carefully curated, sustainable organic mattresses and bedding solutions, and education, has become her mission.

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