Welcome to another powerful and raw interview here on the show!

Today’s guest bares it all as she talks about her challenging past and the impact it had on her sense of self and her relationship with food.

And best of all, she shares how she was able to overcome her traumatic past to fully heal her relationship with food and self.

In this episode:

  • Her food story and toxic relationship with her body
  • Her challenging childhood  including bulimia, self harm, and both mental and physical abuse
  • How she healed her relationship with food by healing her relationship with herself
  • What tools she used on her healing path
  • What is the wounded masculine energy that lies in all of us and how we can begin to shift into a healthy balance of divine feminine and masculine to feel truly free in life
  • More!

Petia Kolibova Burns is an abundance and light activation coach who guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision so they can experience personal and professional magnetism and become unapologetically abundant.

Her mission is to empower visionaries who are on the path to embody their fullest self-expression to soulfully expand into a quantum leap in all dimensions of their lives.

Petia gives immense clarity + exact steps to unlock women’s divine feminine and abundance mindset. Through subconscious work as a certified breathwork facilitator, reiki, NLP & Human Design practitioner, she leads her 6 and 7-figure clients to their next level in life and business.

If she is not interviewing fellow experts on her podcast Unapologetically Abundant, traveling the world with her husband, hosting retreats, or reading, you will find her in nature disconnecting from the world, connecting even deeper to herself.

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Connect with Petia:

Website: https://petiakolibova.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petiakolibova/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/petia.kolibova/

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