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You’re in for a real treat today as I welcome to our podcast a very special guest. Tracy Desjardins came into my life 2 years ago when she was at rock bottom with her physical and mental health. 

Having spent her whole life FIGHTING against food and her body, she was finally ready to put in the work to heal her relationship with food in a lasting way.

From the moment Tracy and I started working together with both privately and as a member in my Break Free From Sugar Group Program, I knew she was designed for success. Her commitment and openness to be vulnerable and honest with herself, and with me, was inspiring.

To this day, I’m inspired by Tracy’s journey. From a lifetime of dieting and hating herself, I can confidently say she’s now such a light in the world. She’s completely transformed. So deeply connected with herself and trusting her body and her emotions in such a powerful way 🙂 

The best part? Tracy has now tapped into her true passion and purpose in this life and is just months away from releasing her new book “The Diet Free Diva”!

You can connect with Tracy and download a very special gift from her here  ➠

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