Today we’re being joined by Hope Pedraza for a deep dive conversation on all things mineral balance, blood sugar, burnout and more!

In this episode:

  • What are minerals and why are they so important for our long term health?
  • What minerals help with hormone and blood sugar balance
  • What testing is best to help us learn about our mineral balance
  • How certain minerals can support with sugar cravings
  • What is burnout and how can we tell if your adrenals are in trouble
  • How to help our body and mind recover from burnout
  • Best supplements to support your adrenals
  • The role of emotions, trauma, and stress on our blood sugar and overall health
  • More!

Hope Pedraza is a certified holistic nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, certified Hair Tissue and Mineral Analysis, Reiki Master Practitioner, Human Design guide, founder of in Balance, a pilates based fitness studio, and the host of the Hopeful and Wholesome podcast.

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