Curious about trying or learning more about the Carnivore meat based diet?

Tune in today to an incredible inspiring story of how switching from a plant based diet to meat saved Judy’s life!

In this episode:

What is the Carnivore diet and how it can save your life
Why we’ve been lied to about being plant based
The nutritional differences between meat and plants
How the gut responds when we eat meat
Using a meat based diet to heal from eating disorders
Where to get started on a carnivore diet
The raw real truth about your body’s ability to heal itself

Judy Cho is board certified in holistic nutrition and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and holds a Psychology and Communication degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Judy is the author of best-selling book, Carnivore Cure and founder of Nutriment, the most comprehensive elimination and reintroduction resource tool.

Judy has a holistic health private practice that focuses on gut health and root-cause healing with the Carnivore Cure’s meat-only elimination diet.

Judy is the host of two health podcasts, Nutrition with Judy and Cutting Against the Grain, where she focuses on all areas of wellness, while balancing ideal eating with real life. Judy advocates for wellness for all because everyone deserves a life symptom-free.

Animal-based foods gave Judy a second chance at life and she is passionate to give back, healing the world one steak at a time.


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