Even with the rise of technology and human advancements we seem to be getting sicker and sicker.

But WHY?

Shouldn’t we be healthier with all the advancements in science and medicine?

But what if these advancements are actually what are making us more sick and slowly killing us.

And what if the real answers to all of our health problems started with coming back to the land and growing our own food.

Join us today for a powerful conversation with Michael Kummer as we dive into how we can come back to eating seasonally and sort through the complicated world of information overload when it comes to nutrition and health.

Learn the simple pillars to a healthy lifestyle and how you can even get your kids on board to eat healthy at any age!

Michael Kummer is the founder of MK Supplements, a dietary supplement brand that offers freeze-dried organ meat sourced from 100% pasture raised cattle. He is also the principal writer of the popular healthy living blog michaelkummer.com, which has reached more than 6 million readers since its inception in 2012.

Michael is a former professional 100-meter sprinter and an avid CrossFitter who follows an animal-based diet. Born and raised in Austria, he speaks German, English and Spanish. Since moving to the United States, he has lived and worked in the greater Atlanta area with his wife Kathy and their children Isabella and Lucas. The family operates a suburban homestead that features beehives, geese, rabbits and a flock of chickens.


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