Do you or someone you know struggle with thyroid issues?

What is your Thyroid and why is it so important to your overall health?

Thyroid issues and challenges in women are ON THE RISE and it’s no wonder we’re all struggling with exhaustion and sugar cravings.

Today’s episode and guest helps us peel back the layers of understanding our thyroid while also deeply diving into what it really means to holistically heal.

Our bodies are not JUST ONE THING (physical, emotional, spiritual).. They are all combined and need to be taken into account when we embark on a healing journey.

So how do we actually begin to heal our thyroid and WHAT are the key factors and tests we need to tune into?

Dive into today’s episode for more

Bronte is a naturopath with a passion for thyroid health and healing from a truly holistic approach. She knows firsthand the multi-layered and challenging journey to heal from a thyroid autoimmune condition, having personally dealt with and healed from Graves’ disease, and has devoted her life to healing on all levels.

Her mission is to awaken you to remember how powerful you truly are, to actualise your potential as your own healer, while living a life of contribution, fulfilment and inspiration. 

Bronte is deeply passionate about supporting her clients toward what she calls, ‘whole-self wellness’ – including not only the physical changes required to heal, but also the powerful mindset shifts and emotional healing needed to unlock deep profound healing and reverse ‘dis-ease’. She interweaves a myriad of modalities from her toolkit, (EFT, NLP,  Family Constellations & Internal Parts Work) facilitating healing on a cellular and soul level to create the space required for self-healing.

Bronte offers an individualised 12 Week 1:1 Thyroid healing program, and a 10 week Group Program where she guides you through the steps and tools that worked for herself and her numerous thyroid clients – who say her programs are life changing!


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