Did you know there’s more than 1 reason that you emotionally eat?

In fact there’s a whole list of root causes to why we cope and numb out using food.

In my own deep healing I’ve seen this in myself. Understanding that the reason I reach for food is really what was keeping me in the unhealthy patterns.

We MUST understand the WHY before we can uncover the solution.

And today’s guest is here to help us do just that!

Errin smith is here – host of the What we crave summit to share all she’s learned about emotional eating after 50+ interviews with experts.

Errin Smith, also known as “That Health Chick” on instagram is an avid health and fitness fanatic who is expert trained in health optimization for over 15 years, and has worked with world leading health experts such as Dr. Zach Bush MD,  Dr. Christine Schaffner, Dr. Dan Pompa, Mark Groves and a list of high level celebrity health experts. 

She is also the founder, producer and host of What We Crave: The Emotional Eating Summit. After 25 years of struggling with emotional eating, food addiction, and “shame fasting”,  Errin became obsessed with understanding the root cause of what it is that we are REALLY craving.

She is on fire for cultivating real, beautiful, honest conversations that provide roadmaps to healing and how to make peace with food and ultimately yourself.


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