Did you know that the more muscle you have the more carbs you can eat?

If you’re like most women I know you’re dying to find ways to be able to enjoy sugar without the guilt AND to have it not contribute to weight gain.

Well… the secret may be in your muscles!

Join us today with Coach Tara Garrison for a deep dive conversation on the importance of muscle in all areas of our life especially insulin sensitivity and metabolic health.

I’ll admit, building muscle work into my weekly routine doesn’t come naturally to me.

And after this chat with Tara, I’m INSPIRED to make this more of a priority in my life… and I know you will too…

Tara Garrison is the founder of HIGHER, a High-Performance Health and Life Coaching company that includes training, nutrition, biohacking, and mindset coaching. She has helped many celebrities, professional athletes, and top executives optimize their health.

Tara is the author of Short-Term Keto, in which she teaches how to “Do Keto. Not Forever” to optimize metabolism, brain power, athletic performance, and physique. She is the host of the Inside Out Health Podcast, in which she interviews world-class health and mindset experts from all over the world.

She is also the host of Higher Retreats— unique transformation experiences held in energy vortex locations of the planet because she believes Mother Nature is her greatest co-facilitator of transformation.

She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), International College of Applied Nutrition and Strength (ICANS), is a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Neurotyping Coach, and a Metabolic Analytics practitioner.

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