Did you know that your body is DESIGNED TO HEAL? That’s right, you CAN heal from chronic disease following a few time tested strategies to optimize health in your body and decrease toxins.

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s guest Nicolette Richer and the fascinating conversation and research she has to share about diabetes and the common myths around sugar.

Dr. Nicolette Richer, DSocSci is the CEO & FOUNDER OF RICHER HEALTH CONSULTING LTD. And GREEN MOUSTACHE ORGANIC CAFES INC., a serial entrepreneur, author of Eat Real to Heal, PBWF endurance athlete, Chronic Disease Reversal Specialist, speaker, podcast host, lululemon Ambassador and most importantly, a mom of three world-shaking girls.

A savvy wellness expert, Nicolette is on a mission to eradicate 22 Million cases of chronic disease by 2030. Over the past 18 years, she’s helped thousands of people reverse their diagnosed chronic diseases using metabolic nutrition, detoxification, and cellular regeneration.

Nicolette has created a multitude of services and programs to reach her mission of teaching 22 million people how to eradicate their chronic diseases using food as medicine. With 25+ years as an international speaker, including a TEDx talk and successful Dragons’ Den appearance, 18+ years as a Chronic Disease Reversal Specialist, named a Force for Good by Tony Robbins, and years researching the connection between the microbiome, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, mental health, infertility, CF, cancer, autoimmune illnesses, and more – Nicolette is equipped and ready to help you and your audience achieve optimal health.


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