Have you ever struggled with anxiety, depression or PTSD?

The sad truth is that our world is more riddled now more than ever with mental health challenges increasing year after year.

Why are we struggling more now than ever before?

And is there a way to support our mental health BEFORE it gets to a dark place?

Tune in with today’s special guest – Kiem Schutter as we dive deep into a conversation around mental health support AND the possibility of ketamine assisted therapy to support this journey.

Kiem is the Founder of Qi Integrated Health in Vancouver BC.

As a natural-born healer, sensing and feeling energy on a much deeper level than most, Kiem has been on a lifelong journey to tap into the deep healing powers of the body and mind.

After completing his education in Chinese Medicine he was inspired to create a space to bring together various modalities and healers to support human health in a more holistic way. And that’s when he created Qi Integrated Health.

Imagine that there is a memory rooted deeper than science tells us – one that reaches deeper into our connectedness to nature – that you have been able to access and one that psychedelics seem to offer the avenue to. However, there may be something more profound in you that connects you not to who you are or where you came from but to who you really are, and where you really came from. That, I believe, can be defined as love.

In the business’s scope, we define this as a state of health (joy, vigour, vibrancy, connectedness). To inspire in others the belief that challenges are not barriers; rather, they are lessons, is the foundation of your work.

“I hope to inspire others to continually pursue a state of good health, with greater love and through new levels of consciousness – not merely in the absence of illness, injury, or trauma, but, instead, because of it.

The radical acceptance of our traumas and challenges, paired with a deeper understanding that we can overcome them if we are willing to persevere and integrate new modalities, is the key to real success and true wellbeing.”

Qi Integrated Health – Complementary Integration circles and info calls for psychedelic/preventative medicine:

Connect with Kiem Schutter and Qi Integrated Health Center:

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