What do you think of when you see or hear something is “Organic”?

“Wow, how expensive!”

“Yum, must be healthy for me”

“I’m safe if I eat this”

“Yay, no chemicals for me!”

Well, you may be right to think some of these things but you aren’t totally right. Sorry to break it to you.

Watch my quick video below and I’ll explain to you exactly what “Organic” really means and what you need to know before you buy.



I hope you enjoyed the video & found it helpful.

Remember, “Organic” DOESN’T = Healthy. 

Stick to whole, real foods that you know are good for you and your health. 

– Legumes/Beans
– Vegetables
– Fruit
– Grains
– Lean meats/dairy
– Herbs

Stay way from the foods you know are causing you harm.

– Sugar
– Salt
– Food intolerances
– Processed fats
– Dyes & food colors
– Natural & artificial flavouring

Love & Real Food,