It’s been a really tough few weeks for me.

And in all of it, I’m learning and growing.

I’m taking these challenges and using them to push me forward. To help me deepen my understanding of myself and what my body needs.

And that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

How difficult it can be to fully trust, listen, and honor our bodies and what they are telling us. 

Do you ever catch yourself thinking your body is out to get you? That it’s fighting against you?

When the real truth is that our body is always looking out for us. Guiding us and talking to us so we can find our path to great health and happiness. 

Arriving here at the beach in Mexico less than a week ago has challenged my trust in my body.

I was excited to be off the “road” and to get settled into a new routine and start exploring right away.

My body had other plans. As soon as we arrived we were both sick and not well. Low on energy. Unable to do much else other than watch Netflix and lay around.

It was frustrating beyond words.

I wanted to be out exploring and taking in this new town that we’ll call home for the next 6 weeks. I wanted to dive into a new morning routine and hit the beach for a sunrise run. I wanted to go to yoga class. I wanted to explore the local market…

But my body had other plans. My mind wanted one thing but my body was pushing me to rest and do nothing. (come check out my Facebook live from earlier this week for more details about my struggle with mind vs. body).

Have you ever struggled with this before?

I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

And the lesson in all of it for me is that my body always knows what’s best for me. It’s always here to support me if I listen. If I tune in and honor what it’s telling me instead of ignoring it and pushing it aside.

I believe it pulled me back for a reason.

My body knew that I needed a few days of rest and settle before I jumped into things here. It knew that I wasn’t going to listen to the small signs to rest because my mind was too excited to get right into all the fun things. So it yelled at me. Told me to STOP. Slow down. Listen. Trust.

And that’s what I’m practicing.

Today, after almost a full week here, I still haven’t done most of what I was excited to do. And that’s OK. I know my body needs to heal and that’s the most important piece. 

So let this be your official reminder to listen to what your body is telling you every day. To honor and trust that it has your best interest at heart and isn’t conspiring against you. 

And even though it’s extremely hard at times to honor what it’s telling you, it’s incredibly important that you do.


Love & Light,