Hey there!

If you also follow me over on Facebook & Instagram, you’ll know that I spend the last 5 days visiting friends and family in the big city.

It’s always an eye-opening and challenging trip for me. 

Not only is there a lot of energy being in a big city but it’s also harder for me to stick with my healthy routines and eating.

Temptation becomes easier to cave in to.

And I indulged. More than once. 

I’m inspired to share this truth with you today.

Because the truth is I’m NOT sugar-free!

Of course, through what I’m doing a lot of people get that impression from me.

But it’s not true.

Just like you, I enjoy the occasional ice cream or bag of chips.

I overdo it at wine night too (me this weekend!).

That’s real life.

What’s changed for me on my journey to sugar freedom is the number of times I indulge and the guilt that no longer comes with it. 

I’ve learned to really tune in and listen to my body.  And to take every overindulgence as a chance to learn and reflect.

And I want you to know this.

To know that I’m right there with you overdoing it and getting right back up after.

There are no failures in this journey.

Only lessons and chances to deepen your understanding of your relationship with food, sugar, alcohol, and people in your life.

So, that’s what I did. I learned more about myself this weekend. And I’m excited by that. It’s FUN to learn. And now I can use those lessons to continue to grow and strengthen on my own journey. 

Are you with me? (post in the comments below!)

Love & Light,