The 9-week group program for the woman ready to reshape her relationship with sugar & get her energy back for life!

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I was feeling depressed, defeated, and old! I had no energy and was uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve tried every diet over the last 20 years and I always gained the weight back and felt deprived. When I first considered the program, I was hesitant because of the cost – but I now feel like it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I have my life back!

Since the program, I feel like a new person! My moods have stabilized, I have much more energy, my clothes feel loose, my acid reflux is gone, and I feel better than I have in 10 years! The recipes are amazing and I’ve been able to develop new healthy habits that stuck. The best part is that I never felt deprived of anything.

The program was amazing! I am now in control. I choose when I want sugar and what I want it to be. I would recommend this program to anyone – even if you do not think you have an addiction to sugar!”


For as long as I can remember, I have had a sweet tooth and I saw nothing wrong with it … until I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. With my health and family in mind, I signed up for the Break Free from Sugar program and it was honestly the best thing I ever did.

I loved the workbooks, the meal plans, and the supportive group environment. Not only do I feel healthier, stronger and more energetic but the best part is how much it benefited my family as a whole – for example, when my children now ask for a “treat”, they mean roasted chickpeas or blueberries instead of chocolate or ice cream!

I highly recommend this program to anyone and my only advice would be to do it with a friend because it’s always more fun with someone you know.”